I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 38

Chapter 38

His voice was so calm, even though vile words came from his mouth, but perhaps it was because he looked so cool and nonchalant about this entire situation that it somewhat made her insides tingle.

“En… P…pain…” Mu QianQian wiggled her buttocks slightly at the pain, even though it was only a single finger.

“Your walls are too tight, I can’t enter properly, Princess, relax yourself and let me in.” HeLian ZiJin said softly as he stared at her flushed face, “Do you want to know who sent you here?”

“Hm?” Mu QianQian, who had been struggling against the violating finger, paused in confusion at the sudden change of topic, “W…who sent me here?”

“XuanYuan LianCheng.” He muttered softly as his brows furrowed together slightly at the sight of her walls, Too much aphrodisiac cream was applied inside her, but it was fortunate that her body didn’t have time to absorb them fully, but still, her walls had began to clamp down so tightly that it’s hard to move even with a single finger.

He pushed his finger into her forcefully, causing her to cry out loudly, but it was clear that it was a cry of pain, not pleasure.

“A…ah… Pain!” She whimpered pitifully as tears filled her eyes.

“I know.” HeLian ZiJin replied softly, his fingers still buried within her.

She frowned painfully at his handsome face, the face that had stayed emotionless throughout the entire time, there was no hate or disgust, but at the same time, no love or adoration. But still, she was somewhat unable to get angry at this face, even though his finger was buried deeply within her shameful parts.

“Why didn’t you save yourself? If I recall correctly, you were a pretty good swimmer?” HeLian ZiJin asked curiously, his voice was flat without emotions, but it was still better than how the other two men treated her, “Or did you do it on purpose so XuanYuan LianCheng would save you?”

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