I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 39

Chapter 39

HeLian ZiJin shook his head slowly, not knowing whether to laugh at her stupidity or to blame her for her capricious behavior.

“Don’t play around with your own life so easily just to acquire someone else’s pity or love, it’s not worth it.” He said blandly, “Don’t you remember that you tried to seduce him in a pool once? Your swimming was so perfect that even a proud guy like him would admit defeat. I’m actually surprised that he was even willing to pull you out from the pond after you fainted.”

Staring at his calm and deep eyes, Mu QianQian knew that this man disliked the seventh princess too, but at least, he did not hate her.

As for… saving myself?

“I…I can’t swim… Ah…” No wonder that asshole XuanYuan LianCheng watched her drown with zero intentions of saving her, but thank goodness he did… “Ah! ZiJin, n…no… e…en…”

He was rubbing against her swollen bud firmly! Mu QianQian trembled uncontrollably as waves of heat spread throughout her entire body from her abdomen.

N…no… We can’t do this, he doesn’t even like me… She shook her flushed face desperately as she struggled against her body’s wish of receiving more love and care from his finger.

It must be those poisonous cream he mentioned! She thought as she stared at him in a daze while her legs spread wide apart without her realizing, Why is this even happening to me?

“Don’t struggle, close your eyes and enjoy.” HeLian ZiJin stared intently at her flushed and sweaty cheeks before landing his gaze onto her huge bosoms, and her twin pink solid beans.

He hesitated for a second, before leaning his head towards them slowly, taking her right bean within his mouth with a strong suckle.

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