I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 4

Chapter 4: Please Don’t Look 2.

He stared dreamily at her slightly bulged softness in between her thighs while inhaling the sweet scent of a female’s nectar. Virgin… How would this cold and vicious virgin taste like, I wonder?

“No…” Mu QianQian let out a delayed cry after the shock of watching her panties stripped away, her gaze stuck firmly onto the silver string-like attachment on the panties, linking back to her soaked petals.

Hot embarrassment and shame filled her as she looked up at the man, hoping that he had not seen it, only to see his eyes darkening as he stared at the silver line.

Not knowing that his crazed stare was not only due to the lustful scenery, but because of her smooth parts as it was absolutely hairless!

He blinked his eyes in awe as he realized that this vicious woman possesses the long-rumored and infamous softness. Her soaked pink petals were closed tightly as it has never been touched and her hardened bud was slightly protruding due to her arousal.

I never knew… He felt his abdomen burn as he stared at her in silence, Never would I have imagined that a woman’s part can look so beautiful… So perfect that no men can ever look away…

“D…don’t look!” Mu QianQian screamed as she tried to clamp her thighs together to hide her most secretive parts, parts that she had never ever shown to anyone before, not knowing that her actions instantly filled him with rage.

With a strong flip of his hands, before she could even react, her arms were already tied together on the bed frame above her head and she could only tremble in fear as he reached out both hands towards her tightly shut thighs.

Translator’s Note:
One thing about this title is that the chapters are all super short ._.) and the first smut arc up until her first climax took 10+ chapters???

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