I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 40

Chapter 40

“Ah…” A trembling moan escaped her lush lips immediately as he sent jolts of thrills down her spine. Reaching out her hand instinctively, she grabbed ahold of his head, as if unwilling to let him leave while he continued suckling and nibbling her furiously, causing her sweet nectar to leak uncontrollably, finally allowing his finger to slowly enter her.

“Z…ZiJin… Ah! Don’t bite! Don’t… En! Bite me, b…bite me.”

HeLian ZiJin paused subtly as he gazed upon her bruised up body, his face was still expressionless but his forehead was already covered in a thin layer of sweat.

He had always thought that he disliked this woman, but somehow, she was very different today. Her unusual weakness and helplessness had somewhat awoken a speck of pity and protectiveness within him.

But, she said she can’t swim…?

He shook his head gently, clearing away the useless thoughts because right now, he needed to scrape off all of the remaining aphrodisiac within her, anything other than the main goal would have to wait.

Shutting his eyes tightly together, he focused on her mesmerizing moans. With a grin, he clamped his lips over her hardened bean and began teasing it with his warm tongue and suckling it occasionally.

“Ah…!” With her body out of her control, Mu QianQian instinctively arched her back alluringly while pushing her chest towards him, as if hateful that he wasn’t devouring her entirely.

Her willpower had already been burnt off completely by the aphrodisiac, and with her pink lush lips slightly agape, she called out to him desperately, “ZiJin, t…take me, t…take m…me… En…”

She lifted her head dizzily, catching his gaze and finally finding a flash of lust within his eyes. She whimpered in a low sob as her body was filled with a sense of hollow discomfort, “M…my… w…walls a…are in pain… En… G…give it to me… Ah! P…please…”

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