I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 41

Chapter 41

Give it to her… please?

She stared at him with her tear-filled eyes, which were streaked with lust and helplessness, as if placing her entire hope onto him.

The current her was fully dependent on him, her sincere eyes filled to the brim with lustful passion, while tinted with insecurity and pain, looking entirely different from the previous arrogant and poisonous seventh princess from before.

“Who are you?” He rasped hoarsely as his sweat trailed from his forehead, finally dripping on her pale bosoms. He dampen his dried lips as his eyes followed the drop of sweat, which disappeared between her cleavage while a wave of heat burned from his abdomen, fully awakening his previously idle beast.

His enormous shaft protruded intimidatingly from his pants as he nuzzled it on her skin, giving him an unexplainable jolt of pleasure.

“I…I’m Mu QianQian, I…I’m not…” Lost in her lust and need, she shook her head furiously as tears streamed down her cheeks, “I’m not the seventh princess, I’m not… Don’t hate me, I’m not! E…en… ZiJin! ZiJin… Ah… It’s uncomfortable, so itchy… Ah!”

Her sweet nectar soaked his palms entirely, finally allowing his second finger to enter her smoothly.

Thrusting and scraping her walls diligently while her sweet nectar leaked uncontrollably out of her, dampening the entire passage within her. He took out his fingers, noticing the pinkish cream mixed in the half-translucent nectar he had collected within his palm, so lewd that he had to consciously restrain himself.

“Endure it a little longer, I need to get everything out of you.” Pushing her away swiftly, HeLian ZiJin left the bed quickly towards his medicine cupboard, reaching out for a specific bottle and heading back towards the bed in a rush, only to be shocked to his core as he felt his blood rush towards his head at the outrageous view.

The woman on the bed was now in a sitting position while her unwiped tears still hang from her lashes. Her long slender hands reached out urgently towards her softness as she began pushing her finger into her own walls bit by bit.

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