I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 42

Chapter 42

She’s… already almost at her limit…

A huge portion of the aphrodisiac had already been absorbed by her body, hence why she could no longer control her bodily needs.

Ignoring the protruding object in his crotch, HeLian ZiJin rushed over towards her and grabbed onto her hand firmly, forcefully removing the finger she buried within her walls, before pushing her back onto the bed. He positioned the bottle at her entrance before swiftly pouring the contents straight into her walls.

As soon as the medicine went into her, he quickly plugged her with his long fingers before moving them around within her, carefully cleaning all of the residue cream from her walls, “TianXu, bring me a bucket of herbal bathwater!”

Mu QianQian, who was still in a crazed lust, was gripping onto his shirt weakly, “ZiJin, it’s uncomfortable… Give it to me, ZiJin, g…give me…”

His eyes darkened slightly at her words, Give it to her… It’s not that he doesn’t want to, but now is not the time for that, as both of them would be heavily injured by the aphrodisiac’s poison.

The effects of this poison is horrible and long-termed. It will first be applied to a woman’s parts, where it will tighten up her walls and it will give out the false impression that she’s as tight as a virgin, with the downside of enduring extreme pain during intercourse. The effects it has on a man who had tasted a woman with this poison was that the man would be addicted to her, and he would have an uncontrollable urge to bed her immediately whenever his eyes landed on her.

ZiJin knew that he himself would not be able to restrain the beastly urge, but still… Would she still be willing? Or was it her plan all along?

“ZiJin…” A trembling whimper sounded up once again.

HeLian ZiJin’s enormous shaft was now so huge that it almost tore through his pants, and she was still staring at him with her huge begging eyes!

In that case… I shall assume that it’s an invitation!

The residue cream had already been cleaned off completely, but unfortunately, he could do nothing for the poison which had already been absorbed by her body…

His previous panic was almost gone, while his eyes were glued unblinkingly on her parting lips, the lush lips which were calling out his name. He never knew that his name, when called out with such an alluring voice, would leave such a huge impact on him. It had such a melodious tone, the way she moaned his name, and like an unstoppable forest-fire, it burnt through his body, finally burning off the last of his reasons.

He lowered his face down, catching her lush agape lips with his before suckling on them greedily. His callous-filled palms, caused by his years of training with a sword, now toyed with her huge bosoms playfully, while her skin reacted sensitively towards his roughed fingers.

He stared at her aroused and solid pink beans in awe, feeling the beast underneath him grow once again into another size.

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