I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 43

Chapter 43

She wrapped her legs around his waist tightly, grinding herself on his hardness with was protruding intimidatingly beneath the pants.

She pawed at his garments weakly, pursing her lips unhappily, “T…take it off! Ah! Give it to me! Quickly! En… I…it itches…”

HeLian ZiJin felt like his body would melt from the heat, almost blurting out curses vulgar curses into the air as his shaft swell into an uncontainable size.

Pulling off his belt with a single pull of hand, he gripped firmly onto his shaft before pointing it directly towards her softness and entered her walls with a strong push.

Even though she was already somewhat prepared when he was clearing off the poison, her walls were still tight to the brim, clamping tightly onto the tip of his hardness and preventing any further entry.

But even still, as their hot bodies and attached parts rubbed against each other intimately, both man and woman could not help it but tremble in an unknown delight and filling their hearts with an overwhelming itch.

He… had never been in such close proximity, and this was actually the first time showing his enormous shaft to a woman.

They were legally married, and she was his legal wife, so why should he restrain himself anymore?

It was not as if he wasn’t interested in bedding a woman, it’s just that until now, he had not met a woman he adore, even her. Though he had not learned to like the personality of the woman underneath him, her tear-filled eyes somewhat managed to attract him, a lot.

Releasing his grip on her full bosoms, he positioned himself in a sitting position before placing his long fingers around her softness and spreading her petals wide apart.

Unable to spare another thought for anything else, he growled deeply before ramming himself deep within her walls.

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