I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 44

Chapter 44

Mu QianQian let out a shrilled scream as her walls were filled fully and deeply with his entire shaft, and the pain was so intense that she felt as if there was an unknown force destroying her from the insides.

Her uncontrollable trembling caused her already cramped walls to tighten up immediately, biting and suckling onto his intrusive hardness.

He almost lost himself in the intense bliss as this was his first time bedding a woman, quickly clenching the back of his teeth together, barely managing to hold himself together.

He started to move gently, slowly pulling out his buried shaft from the clutch of her walls and causing her to gasp at the sharp pain.

Her eyes opened slightly as the pain somewhat snapped her back to her senses. Staring at the naked man on top of her and noticing the deeply buried vile object within her walls, her heart sank in disbelief as tears filled her eyes.

“Why?” She rasped hoarsely, trying her best not to let her tears fall, “Evil, you’re all evil! Don’t touch me, no… Ah! HeLian ZiJin, you bastard! N…no… Ah, Ah!”

Losing his patience at her mindless ramblings and refusing to react to her rude words, he ignored her entirely as he moved. Pulling his pulsing shaft out from her before thrusting it deeply within her walls, again and again without rest.

Her eyes began to blur and her angry thoughts left her mind once again as she fell back into the effects of the aphrodisiac poison.

It’s so… comfortable… It’s filling her up so fully… Mu QianQian wiggled her full buttocks in anticipation as she tried to let him go deeper within her.

“Ah… Ah, Ah! ZiJin! ZiJin… A…ah… Its so b…big… I love it…” Her unrestrained moaning echoed through the entire room before escaping through the slits of the door.

Meanwhile, TianXu, who had just returned with the bucket of herbal bathwater, jumped in shock at the man standing outside his young master’s room.

The man was Dong JingMo, who had rushed over immediately when he heard about the seventh princess’s attempted assassination at the pond, only to hear her uncontrollable moaning and screams through the fragile door.

He stood there rigidly while emitting sudden chill to his surrounding as his eyes darkened dangerously. That woman had screamed just like this the previous night, but she had not uttered a single word of delight for him, until he forced it out of her.

But now, even as HeLian ZiJin stayed silent throughout the entire period while he needed her furiously, she was screaming her need for him, WILLINGLY!

What? Did she seriously say that his long and thick monster soothes her pain?!

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