I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 45

Chapter 45

Dong JingMo’s eyes went cold as her endless moans echoed through the entire place. He turned his back towards the door and walked away coldly, returning back to his cold and arrogant self and leaving behind zero interests for the situation in the room.

That woman, is only deserving of being treated as a stress relief tool and nothing else.

But little did he know that the woman within the room had actually no idea on what she was saying as her will and conscious had been fully overtaken by the aphrodisiac poison.

She took a deep breath in her crazed state before letting out a shrilled scream, “Ah! ZiJin… Ah! From behind, take me from behind! Ah…”

With a loud ‘plop’, he pulled himself out from the clutches of her walls swiftly as she whimpered unhappily at the sudden hollowness within her, only to gasp in relief as he flipped her over easily and began burying himself within her once again.

With her head laying facedown, she could vaguely see his beastly hardness as he positioned it properly on the entrance of her softness. She blushed furiously as she realized that his hardness was coated fully with her half-translucent nectar, causing it to glow beautifully under the dimly lit room.

For some strange reason, while staring at his pulsing hardness, she somehow knew that this man is a virgin, at least he was one before he bedded her…

Or even if he wasn’t one, she would bet everyone on the fact that he had not slept with many women.

Such a beautifully colored shaft, clean and pale, just like his person…

Feeling a slight rubbing was enough to send her gasping as her tears flashed with an unknown light, and with a deep rasp, she called out desperately to him, “Z…ZiJin… Ah! Ah, Ah! I…it’s in! Ah…”

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