I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 46

Chapter 46

H…he’s really huge… Mu QianQian trembled furiously as he buried himself deep into her once again, even after so long, each thrust was enough to make her go crazy, “Ahh!!” Her muffled screams could be heard through the sheets as he violated her endlessly.

Though she laid there limply, with her face buried within the bed, she kept her full buttock high, and occasionally moving it back just so that he would take her easily.

HeLian ZiJin lowered his gaze onto her moving buttocks and at his own shaft, which were swallowed deeply by her swollen softness, the sight itself was enough to give him an extreme nosebleed while releasing the beast within him.

His warm palms caressed her waist teasingly, before moving towards her front and cupping her full bosoms hungrily before groping them while pinching her solid beans with his fingers roughly.

“Ah!” Mu QianQian cried out in pain at his sudden caressing, it was painful, but the lingering bliss that came after the pain was addictive and somewhat enticing.

She felt yet another sharp pinch on her bean, causing her to tremble uncontrollably as her sweet nectar flowed endlessly, trying to escape from within her plugged walls.

Soon, HeLian ZiJin realized that if the woman underneath him was born to be a plaything, as he noticed that the more he treated her roughly, the more aroused she gets…

With this realization in mind, he no longer felt the need to treat her with care, ignoring the fact that he could no longer restrain himself to do so… He grabbed her bosoms greedily, groping and pinching her aroused beans painfully before tugging it outwards as if trying to elongate her beans.

“A…ah… Ah… ZiJin, Z…ZiJin… E…En…” Mu QianQian’s weak moans echoed throughout the entire room as she drowned in the pleasure he provided. Widening her lush lips slightly, she begged him pitifully, “Rape me, ZiJin, take me forcefully! Ah… I wish you would break me… A…ah… Ah!”

“Slutty girl, are you saying that I’m too gentle?” He rasped hoarsely, grabbing her chin forcefully before biting her lush lips, “In that case, I’ll break you! I will destroy you completely!” He growled intimidatingly as he suckled her lips hungrily.

“Show me your tongue.”

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