I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 47

Chapter 47

Momentarily stunned by his hoarse rasping, a new wave of nectar leaked down her thighs as Mu QianQian subconsciously stuck out her tongue at him, only to have it caught immediately by him as he suckled on her tongue furiously.

His mouth was clamped tightly over hers, preventing any means of escape as he suckled her, as if intending to swallow her whole.

“En… M…mph……” Mu QianQian started struggling as she began to feel out of air, before flinching from a sudden sharp pain from her torso as he tugged her pinched beans roughly. He would not release her as he took her mouth dominantly while his hands groped and tortured her fragile bosoms.

Her eyes went wide as the intense feeling of suffocation and pain flowed through her entire body, allowing her to somewhat regain her consciousness as her body’s sensitivity increased instinctively at the imminent danger. His huge and pulsing hardness within her, his horrible demonic hands and his burning tongue…

Noticing her desperate struggling, HeLian ZiJin momentarily released her mouth, allowing her to take in some air.

But as she began gasping for air, in a rough thrust, he entered her walls hungrily. “Ah! N…no… En… A…ah, A…ah…” Her eyes shot wide open as tears filled through them, only to face a sudden black-out as her eyes rolled backward while her body spasms in utmost bliss. She felt as if her brains were fried and there was nothing she could do except to endure the unending waves of pleasure that flowed through her entire body and eventually reaching her abdomen before gushing out of her like a loose pipe.

Waves of hot and half-translucent nectar burst out of her, drenching his garments fully as he breathe deeply. He removed himself from her twitching walls before pushing her back onto the bed and reaching out towards his own clothes impatiently.

He ripped apart his white shirt, tossing it onto the ground nonchalantly before turning his hungry gaze upon the limp woman on the bed.

Meanwhile, Mu QianQian who had been gasping for air on the bed, stared weakly at the stark naked man with her blurry eyes. His muscles looked solid and firm, as the lines between his muscles were distinct and deep.

Never in her dreams would she had guessed that such a gentle and angelic man, would turn into a man with such a dominant masculine body and aura just by removing his clothes.

Mu QianQian gulped in fear and her body began trembling out of her control as she watched the man make his way towards her…

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In case anyone is wondering why the next chapter is 49 and not 48… the raws are like that, plus I’ve double-checked with plenty other aggregate raw sites and they’re all missing a chp 48, but since the story wasn’t skipped, I shall ignore it 🙁

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