I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 49

Chapter 49

She backed away instinctively the moment his fully arose beast rubbed against the entrance to her walls, but he would not allow her to!

His beast had been released from its cage, so how can he allow her to escape just like this?

With bloodshot eyes, he reached out towards her waist, holding her in place firmly and rammed himself into her walls with a deep growl, burying himself deeply into her deepest parts.

“Ah!” Mu QianQian’s back arched while her walls tightened around the sudden intrusion as her body trembled violently, but he did not stop there at all, as he began moving almost instantly.

His movements sped up together with his strength, ramming her vigorously and unendingly, while her hoarse screams echoed throughout the room while he used her like a toy.

Such a scary vigor and speed…

“A…ah… Ah…” Her slender body bounced in sync as he rammed her continuously, her mind was in pieces as she felt like she was losing her consciousness once again, while the surroundings slowly blurred as her head turned dizzy. Her walls felt swollen and painful, but somehow, an unknown sensation began building up within her abdomen and quickly clouding over her remaining anxiousness as she drowned in the unending pleasure.

“Ah… Ah! ZiJin… Ah!” She sobbed uncontrollably as he took her hungrily, as if he was a starving wolf who had not eaten in years.
(TNote: technically that’s accurate, he’s a virgin boi after all smh)

Finally, with a violent tremble and a shrilled scream, a new wave of hot and burning nectar burst out from her and crashed straight onto the tip of his hardness while her walls clamped itself around him furiously, it was as if her walls craved for his love.

“Little demoness!” He growled deeply into her near before grabbing onto her hips tightly and rammed her once again, before burying himself deep within her walls and releasing his entire load straight into her cervix.

“Ah!!” Mu QianQian, who was still in a daze after her continuous climaxes, cried out in horror as his burning load scorched through her still-sensitive walls.

She sighed in relief, thinking that the torture was finally over, only to gape in horror as the hardness which was still buried within her walls, swelled up once again within one minute.

“Ah…” Cries of mercy escaped her lips as he began a new round of conquest, intending to conquer each and every inch of her.

Mu QianQian did not know how many times she had been forced into climax or how many times the man behind her had filled her up to the brim… The only thing she knew was that when the man finally left her walls for good, she had been totally drained and her body trembled without his support, causing her to fall face-first into the bed limply while her legs remained apart, as she did not have the remaining strength to shut them together.

It had been… at least two whole hours? He stared at her limp body in awe, before landing his gaze at her softness, staring intently as his seeds flowed alluringly from within her.

No feelings of love and adoration, but still… he had bedded her, not once, but so many times that he could not even count it himself!

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