I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 50

Chapter 50

“Why don’t you hate me?” She whispered softly to the man beside her.

HeLian ZiJin reached out a finger towards her lips to wipe off the remnants of the medicine while staring at her in confused, “Why would I hate you? What did you do behind my back?” He asked gently, his tone soft and pampering, without a hint of disgust.

Mu QianQian stared at him speechlessly, What do I answer to that?… Two drops of tears escaped her eyes before she could hide her face from him and wipe it off quickly.

She turned her face back to him and forced out a smile, “Everyone hates me, I’m just curious as to why you’re treating me so well?”

“You’re a princess, no one hates you.” HeLian ZiJin cooed gently before picking up the empty bowl, “The medicine is too bitter… Wait for me here, I’ll go ahead and get you some honeyed candies.”

Mu QianQian nodded slightly as she stared at his disappearing figure before sighing in relief. Her gaze landed quickly on the newly made garments on her bed and after a moment of hesitation, she decided to put it on, I guess wearing gifted clothes is better than being naked…

After that, she moved slowly down the bed and began limping towards the door one step at a time.

Come to think of it, I’ve never seen HeLian ZiJin’s YiFeng Pavilion, I wonder if this place looks as angelic as he did?

But it was not.

It was anything but extravagant, and the entire place was silent. Few decorations could be seen, making this place looked entirely like a commoner’s residence. The garden was quiet and peaceful too, as not a living soul could be found there. No hand-maidens, no servants, nothing. It was like the place, like its owner, preferred the silence than the chattering, but somehow the silence seemed to calm her down.

HeLian ZiJin returned quickly, only to see the woman standing weakly near the door and gazing at his almost empty garden in a daze while the silent breeze messed up her flowing hair slightly, giving her a helpless look.

He recollected himself before moving towards her, “Your body is weak, you should rest inside the room.”

“It’s boring inside,” She shook her head softly before taking the sweets he offered within her palms. Quickly choosing one, she popped the candy right into her mouth and sighed as it melted into sweetness within her mouth.

“This is your home?” She mumbled in confuse as she continued devouring her candies, “Why do you not have any servants or hand-maidens here?”

He glanced at her with a complicated look while a hint of confusion flashed through his eyes before quickly disappearing into calmness and peacefulness, and perhaps even a tiny hint of gentle adoration.

“Princess hated any women who served here, hence I do not own any hand-maidens, except…”

He paused momentarily, before continuing on after noticing the expectation within her eyes, “Except for the one whom princess ordered for execution, Ling Er, who was raped to death within the prison cells.”

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  1. I actually like his gentle demeanor 😊. He’s much more likable than the other ML 😡! Anyway, thanks for the chapter! Excellent work, as always 👌.

    1. I believe he knew, after all, he did stared at her weirdly after she asked him about why his place lacked servants, I bet his thoughts were like, “why??? Cuz u chased them all away and had the last one raped to death…”

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