I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 51

Chapter 51

“Don’t worry about it. Open up and let me examine your injuries,” HeLian ZiJin reached out a hand towards her buttocks before caressing it softly.

A man who is more beautiful and elegant than a woman, who looked just like an angel who came to life from a drawing… is now groping her like a lecher…

Mu QianQian bit down on her lips softly as a wave of shame and helplessly washed over her. But surprisingly, all he did was groping and caressing her buttocks, as if he did not intend to proceed further.

HeLian ZiJin stared at the tiny spot on her swollen softness with a complicated look on his face, It’s her… but why did she insist that she wasn’t the seventh princess?

This morning, right after she woke up, she had stared at him with a blank look on her face. He had initially thought that she was merely playing a game, but to his shock, it wasn’t a facade and she had really forgotten about him.

He leaned over her body, gazing deeply into her timid eyes while preventing her from escaping, “Princess, stop this prank.”

Mu QianQian wrapped her trembling arms around her chest and she curled up into a terrified ball, “I…I don’t know… I don’t remember anything of the past… F…forgotten right after I woke up…”

He grabbed her chin firmly, lifting her to face him before examining her eyes. They were such innocent and clean eyes, full of sincerity which the old her never had, most surprising of all, there was no hint of the darkness he had grown used to all these years.

He stayed silent as he stared deep into her eyes, as if intending to examine her soul to make sure that it was not a lie.

Mu QianQian felt her soul shivered slightly as their eyes met, So cold! It’s even colder than the aircon I used to enjoy…

After what felt like forever, his fingers finally left her chin, only to trail through her cheeks before slowly moving down her neck. He caressed her alluring collarbone, enjoying the feel of her smooth skin, before tugging onto her arms, removing them from blocking the view of her enormous bosoms.

His soft touch sent tingles up her spine while sending her into a daze, only to be jolt awake when she felt a numb and tingling presence on her chest.

HeLian ZiJin nibbled her lush lips hungrily while his strong hands cupped around her exposed bosoms. Her eyes widened as she tried to resist his advances while trying to convince him otherwise, only for him to successfully enter her agape lips as he attacked her tongue furiously with his.

It had felt strange and unfamiliar, as he had never kissed a woman before this, but being a genius doctor with high intelligence, he became familiarized fairly quickly as he tested out new ways to kiss her, almost making the equally inexperienced Mu QianQian run out of breathe.

Her hands, which had been pushing against his groping palms, slid over his neck subconsciously as they made out, and as his lips slowly moved away from her lips and down her neck, there was nothing she could do but gasp in response, but when he finally approached her bosoms with his kisses and clamped her pink beans within his warm mouth, a deep moan escaped her throat huskily as she breath in pleasure, “En……”

Mu QianQian knew that if it wasn’t for the sudden chillness within the room, she might’ve drown under this man’s gentle passion.

She squinted her eyes at the intruder who had been bristling in a chilling rage ever since he entered the room. Her eyes narrowed slightly as it focused on the man’s face, only to widened in shock as she recognized the man immediately.

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  1. Husband no. 3? 😳 she’s always caught doing lewd stuff by the husbands.

    Thanks for the chapter, smoggy belle!

  2. So are we just gonna ignore the maid that got raped to death? No explanation on that?

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    1. I’m pretty sure they explained it tho 🤔
      Princess didn’t like that her husband (HeLian ZiJin) had maids in his residence, so he dismissed everyone except for the last maid (Ling Er), but princess got jealous too, and sentenced her to death by rape within the prison cells

      1. It’s just that I was expecting a stronger reason for that sort of punishment or at least some reaction from MC haha

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