I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 53

Chapter 53

Refusing to look at her, Dong JingMo made his way towards the bed before he began taking off his garments piece by piece.

Mu QianQian winced in shock as she moved further into the bed timidly, A man and a woman, alone in a room and he’s stripping swiftly, does he intend to…?

Before she could ponder further about his suggestive actions, he had already undressed himself fully before turning his gaze upon the idle woman on the bed, “Aren’t you going to change? Or do you intend to attend the royal feast looking like that?”

“What?” Royal feast?

Mu QianQian’s face paled swiftly at his words. Royal feast… The specially made party to celebrate her sixteenth birthday… How could she forget such an important event!?

But to enter the nightmarish place…

“No! I won’t go!” She exclaimed in horror while shaking her head furiously as she thought about the words HeLian ZiJin mentioned and the aphrodisiac cream that Miss Feng had forced into her, “I won’t… I won’t go to that place, I…I don’t want to go there…”

Chang Momo mentioned that she should take another shower when she reached the feast in the evening, They’re probably conspiring on what other type of poison to put within me…

This body is now hers, and she values it a lot.

Dong JingMo stared at her in silence, his eyes deep and dark.

Catching his eyes, a sudden premonition went through her and she instinctively knew that there was only one person who could save her, and it was him.

Without hesitating, she crawled over to him before tugging onto his sleeves softly, “Lord, I…I don’t want to go, they wish to harm me… No, I mean, I’m just…”

Noticing her wrong choice of words, she stuttered nervously as she tried to explain, but to no avail. In a time like these, any misspoken sentences could end up being the cause of death…

But she didn’t want to attend the feast, she’s truly scared and terrified.

“What else did HeLian ZiJin said to you?” Dont JingMo asked expressionlessly, his eyes calm, as if he had asked it out of boredom and that her words meant little to him.

She paused for a second, before noticing the rising impatience within his eyes. Mu QianQian quickly began telling him everything that had happened today, from the shower to Miss Feng, from the attempted assassination to HeLian ZiJin, and now, finally to him.

Dong JingMo gazed at her with deep eyes as he stared at the red-faced woman who was confessing the events that happened through the day. After pausing and pondering for a few seconds, he suddenly moved towards the bed before taking a seat and turned his gaze onto her, “Come here and serve me.”

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