I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 54

Chapter 54

S…serve him?

Mu QianQian blinked her round teary eyes in confused and she tried to understand the words he had said.

“Or would you prefer visiting that old woman’s residence and serve other men?” He said blandly, taking in her look of confusion. Surprisingly, her idiotic behavior had not irritated him, in fact, it somewhat made her a little… cute.

His brows furrowed slightly as he wondered how the word ‘cute’ came to his mind.

Recovering from her shock and confusion, she blinked slowly as she slowly deciphered his words. Serve him here and skip the royal feast, or attend it and serve other men…

Did he mean that… that I won’t be forced to attend the party? Her eyes shine brightly at his words before pouncing onto him immediately, eager to serve.

Unfortunately, right after she landed on him, she realized that… She had zero experience in this field!

She had never performed this before, not even in her past life…

“I…I’m sorry, I t…think I might’ve been too eager…” She stuttered nervously as she tried to climb down from his lap, only for him to clamp his palms strongly around her waist, preventing any means of escape, “Lord…”

“Do it like this.” He said as he shut his eyes while still wrapping his arms around her waist.

Taking in a deep breath, she reached out two slender fingers and landed it softly on his temples before beginning to exert her gentle force.

After what felt like forever, she once again asked about the current issue on hand, “Regarding the Queen Dowager…”

“You don’t trust me?” He grunted coldly without opening his eyes.

“No!” She denied it swiftly.

Not knowing what to speak of next, she continued his head massaging with her slender but strong fingers.

Only to be flipped over in a sudden, causing her to land onto his body, “I’m tired already. Let us take a nap and we’ll have our meal after we wake up.”


“I can promise that the old lady would not dare to blame you for today’s events.”

Mu QianQian pondered on his words in silenced before cuddling against the crook of his arm and shutting her eyes gently.

But it suddenly occurred to her that his man had referred to himself as “me” today, instead of “This Lord”… and his promise to her had made him look extremely handsome and made her feel safe.

To be honest, he was somewhat hungry for her, but… he was somehow enjoying this temporary peace.

And because of this peace and her instinctive depends me on him, he would calm down his urges and needs as he could not bear to destroy the current mood.

He realized that being depended on by a woman does not feel bad at all.

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