I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 55

Chapter 55

On the next day, after taking a tour of the residence, Mu QianQian began packing up her things as she prepared to leave. There was no scenery to enjoy as the owner of the residence wasn’t in.

Furthermore, all four men lived in their own buildings, which were built on the grounds of the princess’s residence.

There was already the proud and alluring Dong JingMo, the gentle and elegant HeLian ZiJin and the unforgettable coldness of XuanYuan LianCheng…

The only reason she was here in this building was that she had been curious about how her fourth husband, Jun FengYing, looked like, as she had never seen him appear even in the last few days.

But as she stepped out of the place pondering where she should visit next, a running horse rushed towards her, and in a blink of an eye, she had been picked up and placed face down onto the back of the horse.

With a loud whinny, the horse sped up as it rushed towards another direction swiftly.

This is why she had insisted that her residence was NOT safe, it was as if kidnappers run amok here. She had even begun to suspect whether the guards here were blind or not, can’t they see that the princess had been kidnapped right in front of them?

Or was it because they had enough of the previous arrogant seventh princess and they were actually glad that a kind kidnapper had finally set his eyed on her, and hopefully kill her in the process so fewer people would suffer her mood swings?

Such a sad and unfortunate princess…

With a loud crash, her body was thrown onto the field of grass painfully. Not able to see her kidnapper’s face clearly, she instinctively wrapped her arms over her chest to protect herself.

She knew that her kidnapper was a man, but with her looks, it was easy to attract men who want to bed her, even though she was infamous for her ruthlessness and arrogance.

Crawling up into a sitting position, she looked towards the man and the horse, who had made their way towards the river. The man knelt down slowly, cleaning his hands thoroughly before splashing some water on his face.

His back view was somewhat familiar, but Mu QianQian was unable to recall who this man was.

She stood up silently, taking a deep breath before racing off into the woods.

Since no one would save her, she would save herself… Even though it still wouldn’t be safe when she returned, but anything would be better than being raped and killed right here on the spot.

The man, noticing her actions, shook his head slowly before disappearing in a flash and appearing suddenly right in front of her.

Unable to halt herself in time, she crashed into the man who had appeared right in front of her. Her body flew backward at the impact while he stood steadily and unmovingly.

As she flew backward, the only thing that went through Mu QianQian’s mind was that she was really an unfortunate princess, who can’t even tempt a man to save her even though this body was beautiful.

But she was glad that she did not break her nose.

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