I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 57

Chapter 57

Mu QianQian sat on the ground in a daze after falling off the horse once again, taking a full five minutes before she could stand once more as her insides were burning with intense pain, It is just a horse riding training, why does it feel like he wants me dead?

In her rage, she picked up a tiny stone from the ground before tossing it at him angrily, only to have his flick it back with a disinterested scoff, causing the stone to fly back at her with an enhanced speed and accuracy before hitting her straight on the forehead.

“Ah!” Mu QianQian clamped her palms over the pain on her forehead as she cried out in pain, before bringing her palm to eye level instinctively, seeing the blood on it.

She stared at her palms in horror, almost fainting from shock.

My beautiful face!

I’m finished! Completely finished!

Ignoring everything else, she rushed over to the pond, staring wide-eyed at her own reflection.

Meanwhile, XuanYuan LianCheng froze in confusion, as with her martial skills, he had definitely not expected the stone to hit her for it was too easy to avoid, plus he did not emit any strength when he flicked the stone back to her.

In his confusion, his legs took him towards her direction.

No matter what, injuring the princess is a crime, even though he was not the least worried about how the palace would react or the punishment he would receive because, from the looks of it, the Queen Dowager intends to recruit him into her party, hence she would never dare to touch him.

But still, unless if it was unavoidable, he would rather not create any troubles for himself.

A beautiful and alluring face appeared on the reflection of the pond, but right now, there was now an extra mark on her forehead.

She dampened her forehead slightly, gently washing off the blood while her tears landed on her reflection.

Such a beautiful face, so easily ruined by this man… Even though it was but a small scar, but no woman could ever accept having a scar on her face!

She stole a glance at the main culprit, watching as he landed his uninterested gaze on her with no sense of remorse.

This man! Acting so nonchalantly after injuring someone else! Even though the rock was thrown by her, but he was the one who caused her to fall from the huge horse!

Mu QianQian bit down hard on her lips, and without a pause, she rushed over to him, pushing him into the river.

I will never attack on my free will, but if others act hostilely towards me… Do not blame me for retaliating, even at the cost of my own life!

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      1. Thank. But for example she was with doctor than another hero took her to his room. How doctor permitted take her? Or what happend in the palace when she did not attend celebration?
        But Thank yuo for reply and translation

      2. Yep, those parts were left out, perhaps the author did not want too many explanations for these story parts as they wanted to keep it minimum and focus more on the smut, by only providing sufficient world-building content, and leaving those sections to our imagination.
        I assumed that the doctor let her leave, since the poison had already been scrapped out of her, plus other than lust, he had felt no obligations to her so he might not feel the need to forcefully keep her with him (that’s my guess)
        As for the feast, I assumed that nothing happened because the queen dowager wouldn’t take the risk of angering Dong JingMo by punishing her because he was the one who told her to stay (plus her initial plan was to use MC as a plaything to recruit these 4 men to her party, so MC not attending the feast might be more favorable to Queen D than MC actually attending it perhaps?)

        But still, those are all my guesses and assumptions, might be wrong but it somewhat explained the situations (´▽`)

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