I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 58

Chapter 58

The river was pretty shallow, reaching up to XuanYuan LianCheng’s shoulders, but for her, it was a fatal disaster.

She had made another serious mistake, for she had not considered their height difference on her quest for revenge.

XuanYuan LianCheng lowered his gaze on the woman below, who was clinging onto him like an octopus, while his eyes flashed complicatedly.

Moments ago, right when they landed into the river, he had took ahold of the woman’s wrists, intending to release her hands from him, but instead, accidentally feeling her pulse.

This woman’s body… does not have a speck of the inner strength every martial artist has!

“Who are you?” He asked deeply, his dark eyes narrowed dangerously as he gazed at the panicking woman.

“I…I…” She stuttered nervously as she clung tightly onto his neck, while her legs were wrapped around his strong waist, “At least let me go back to shore…”

“Wasn’t it you who wanted to play inside this river?” He pursed his lips together as a thought flickered through his mind, from how she had reacted yesterday when she fell into the pond, it was clear that this woman could not swim.

“Who are you?” He asked once more, insistently.

XuanYuan LianCheng was, in fact, not the first one to ask her this question, as she recalled the other two men asking it too… Especially HeLian ZiJin, who had torn off her entire dress into shreds the moment she replied “I don’t know.”

A…after that… He had kissed her and caressed her, and finally, they had been caught red-handedly by the furious Dong JingMo.

And right now, XuanYuan LianCheng was asking her the exact same question!

She froze in her tracks at his words and her arms loosened their grip on him, immediately making her fall backward, almost plunging headfirst into the river as she lost her balance.

After gulping is a few mouthfuls of water, under her unrecognizable scream for help, he reached out an arm towards her in good faith.

Finally seeing a slight chance to escape death, Mu QianQian immediately clung onto his arm and finally, onto his body once more, wrapping herself even more tightly than before, while he sighed softly at himself, regretting his decision immediately.

His eyes narrowed darkly as he felt her legs wrapped around his abdomen and, unsure if she was doing it intentionally or not, the occasional rubbing against his sensitive parts.

The summer garments women wore had always been made with the thinnest silk, but in this case, her soaked and almost half-transparent dress and undergarments were firmly stuck onto her body, which in turn, exposed both of her pink beans right in front of his gaze.

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