I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 59

Chapter 59

He did not understand why his body was reacting to this woman, it could be because he had never taken any woman before, or maybe it was because she was no longer the vicious and arrogant princess she had once been.

His felt his throat dry up as his abdomen burned with extreme heat, while his long-idle beast slowly begun to awaken from its long hibernation.

Even though he remembered clearly that even when she had stripped herself stark naked right in front of him, he had felt nothing for her.

So why now? Why is it that there was a hunger deep within that threatened to devour her?

Was it because of her terror-filled eyes, which were so much different from the cruel princess from before, which had turned her into a weak woman who needed protection from a man in his eyes?

He wanted to push her away, but she hanged onto him tightly, as if her life depended on it. His face darkened deeply at her actions, “You still hadn’t replied to my question from before, who exactly are you?” He asked deeply.

“I…I am Mu QianQian, t…the seventh princess,” She whimpered softly as she trembled nervously.

He stared at her silently, pondering her answer while keeping his urges down, before landing his huge palms around her waist as he began stripping her from her garments.

It was not until his shameless palms groped her greedily on her huge bosoms did Mu QianQian realized that she had been molested by this pervert!

“Y…you perv… Ah!” She pushed him away instinctively, immediately remembering that she would fall back into the river if she did as she quickly wrapped her arms around his neck once again.

He had watched her fall, but he had not intended to save her, but then, she had not expected him to do so too.

Watching her cling back onto him tightly, his palms landed once again on her huge bosoms, squeezing them into different shapes and sizes.

She stared at his palms helplessly while her eyes burned with rage. Her only two choices were to drown or to accept being molested by him, and it was obvious which one she can or will choose…

“I’m filthy, I…I’m very filthy, n…no…” She whimpered timidly after noticing the burning flame deep within his cold and unfeeling eyes.

“Shut up.” He growled deeply, he understood it clearer than anyone else that she was truly filthy, but still, these pair of mountains were terribly comfortable to fondle and play around with, “Do not speak, I will let you leave when I’m done playing with them.”

“No… Ah!” Mu QianQian’s eyes widened in horror as she realized that he had lifted her body upwards, causing her half-exposed bosoms to his eye-level, and without hesitation, he clamped his lips over her pink and protruding bean, nibbling on it ruthlessly.

“E…en… N…no… Ah!” She cried out in pain as he suddenly nibbled down harder, sending a jolt of pain and numbing pleasure through her entire body.

Without even thinking, she unwrapped her arms around him before proceeding to push him away from her.

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  1. It’s a wonder why there are so many virgin male in this novel since there seem to be easy access to females, from harems, brothels and not to mention house servants.

    1. I totally look at them all as those MLs that feels disgusted with women (including their wife), only awakening their urges upon her arrival xD hence all virgin boiiiisss

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