I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 60

Chapter 60

XuanYuan LianCheng could feel the extreme need flow throughout his entire body, making him unwilling to pause his actions.

His long arms wrapped tightly around her slender waist before lifting her up and tearing the soaked dress off her body, watching hungrily at her trembling beans before taking them in his mouth once again.

“N…no… Ah…” Mu QianQian, who had been working hard to push him away, realized that her weak hands turned into jelly the moment he bit down on her beans.

Her strength now was so irrelevant that it wouldn’t even give him an itch even if she tried.

He took her within his lips, nibbling and suckling them desperately while his shaft protruded intimidatingly through his pants. At this exact moment, all he wished to do was to invade her right on the spot and taste for himself how delicious she was.

And he did so immediately.

Reaching out a palm towards her waist, he ripped off the remaining few undergarments she had before landing his fingers against the smooth skin of her crotch.

There was no hair at all, so very clean and smooth, and so alluring…

“En, eh? N…no… Ah! Don’t go in, no… M…mph…”

Mu QianQian grabbed onto his palms in panic, desperately trying to prevent him from entering her, but her attempts were for naught as his strong fingers had slipped past her hands easily.

Following his instincts, he easily found her softness and upon feeling her leaked nectar, he immediately plunged the tip of his finger into her.

“Ah! En…” She squealed in shock as she felt herself clamping tightly around his finger, not knowing whether it was a born trait or if it was the after-effects of the aphrodisiac poison…

And the worst part was that he had only inserted the tip of his finger, and she was already feeling an intense pain even though her sweet nectar was lubricating her walls, the pain was so splitting that it reminded her of the pain she had felt on the first day.

Tears flooded into her eyes as she stared at him helplessly, but her pitiful expressions failed to stir any mercy within him, instead, it had awakened his wildest animal instincts.

His eyes darkened to a deeper shade as he glanced at her dangerously, before pushing his entire finger into her forcefully, going as deep as his finger allowed.

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