I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 61

Chapter 61

“Ah! N…no… Ah…” The spitting pain caused her arch up towards his chest while her walls retaliated strongly against the entry of his finger.

Her reaction satisfied him greatly, he bent down towards her chest, as rejecting such a delicious offering would be a crime towards himself.

Clamping his teeth onto her hardened bean, he nibbled them gently with his teeth, causing the woman within his arms to scream in pain, or maybe pleasure.

Her thighs clamped together tightly at the stimulation, making it difficult for his clamped finger within her walls to move.

She was already clamping so tightly with just a finger, it would’ve been a nightmare if he had entered her walls with his…

XuanYuan LianCheng felt his blood rushed towards his head as the thought flashed through his mind, his shaft was ten times the thickness of his finger! Could she even take him in with such a tiny hole?

He… wanted to try it out, badly.

He was a man of action, and with that thought in mind, he quickly started moving his finger, forcing it in and out of her while his nails occasionally flicking through the sensitive parts within her walls, sending jolts of pleasure up her spine as her unrestrained moans echoed through the place.

Mu QianQian felt as if she was going crazy from his finger, she was tired, mentally and physically, as she understood full well that this man hated her, a lot, and the fact that he was only playing around with her body like how a man would with a prostitute… But… her body… was not in her control!

It was hot, so extremely hot! While her walls burned with a familiar itch, making her so uncomfortable that she trembled in pain. She knew that she needed him desperately, as she was just a single breath away from snapping from the poison!

The poison within her had not been completely dissipated, and what HeLian ZiJin had given her was only enough to barely suppress it and prevent her from being constantly in heat.

The only downside was that once her lust was provoked, she will no longer be able to control her body anymore.

“No… Ah! Ah… Ah…! N…no, d…don’t!”

Another finger pressed against her softness, dampening itself with the sweet nectar that had leaked from her before piercing into her alongside the first finger, diligently widening her as best as they could.

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