I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 62

Chapter 62

XuanYuan LianCheng felt as if the hardness between his legs would explode from his restraint, he could no longer wait any longer!

“En… Ah… N…no, softer… Ah! It hurts…” His fingers moved in and out of her unendingly, and even though her nectar had been leaking nonstop, it was still too tight for his thick fingers. A lingering pain and pleasure filled through her each time he dug deeply into her.

Meanwhile, XuanYuan LianCheng seemed to be in much more pain than her, his face darkening deeply as he finally removed his fingers from within her tight walls before exposing his bulging shaft from his pants, so huge that the veins seemed likely to pop anytime soon.

Quickly positioning it at the entrance of her softness, which was already damped from his teasing, he pushed it into her with a forceful thrust.

He clenched his teeth in pain as he had only been able to enter her walls with the tip of his bulging shaft, her entrance was too narrow, and her walls too tight. It was almost impossible to even move an inch.

“Hug me tightly,” He growled deeply as huge droplets of sweat fell from his forehead, while his palms clamped over her hips before pulling her down onto his shaft.

“Ah…!” A woman’s cry, which was accompanied by a man’s deep groan, echoed through the entire place as he forced her down onto his shaft, successfully entering one-third of himself within her walls.

Mu QianQian’s mind was jolted awake from the sudden intense pain while XuanYuan LianCheng moaned, low and deep, as he relished under the bliss of her tight walls.

It felt as if there were thousands of tiny mouths inside her, each of them sucking onto his invasive hardness, as if swearing to swallow him hold. This was like nothing he had ever felt before in his entire life, and it made him wished that he could stay within her endearing walls, buried and unmoving, forever.

He lowered his head down towards the woman, who was sobbing in pain at his forceful entry, while his eyes narrowed dangerously at her cries. Her screams were filled with genuine anguish and it somewhat excited him further, causing his already-enormous shaft to expand once more.

Perhaps I would discover more surprises if I go deeper… He took a deep breath while his eyes gleamed with excitement.

“No! I don’t want this! E…En…” She screamed in horror, flailing around desperately and wildly as she felt him digging deeper and deeper into her.

How many days had passed since she came to this world, and how many times had she been humiliated and disgraced by the men here?

It was true that she was afraid of death, but still, she had her own pride and dignity as a woman.

Translator’s Note:
If only the damn queen dowager hadn’t done all that aphrodisiac nonsense, then perhaps she could enjoy all of these handsome men properly and wouldn’t be traumatized to this extent…

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