I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 63

Chapter 63

“XuanYuan LianCheng, let go of me!”

“I will not!” He growled back at her intimidatingly, how could he give up the chance of being embraced fully by a woman’s warmth?

“Ah! It hurts… No! XuanYuan LianCheng, I’m filthy! Filthy!! Ah…”

“Then I will accompany you, let us be filthy together,” He grunted deeply while endless droplets of sweat streamed from his forehead as he endured his own pain.

It was too small, too tiny… Even though it felt extremely comfortable within her, he did not want to break this weak woman so quickly.

But her endurance was, indeed, top-notched… Being able to play with herself the next morning after being used the entire night by Dong JingMo… Does it mean that as long as he doesn’t break her, he could use her for the entire day too?

For a split second, he had the extreme desire of not letting her go so quickly… Today, he would take her to the maximum extent!

“No… Ah! Ah!!” Shrill screams filled the silent air as he began forcing his way into her, the pain shook her to the core, but to her horror, his bulging object also filled up the hollowness within her.

She hated to admit it, but… she might actually enjoy the feeling of being filled up to the brim with his burning hardness…

She could feel his entirety as he dug deeper and deeper into her, the feeling so vivid that she could imagine how he looked like within her warm walls… She could feel him exploring around, hitting each and every crook of her sensitive zones slowly, and it filled her with an unfamiliar comfort but at the same time, pulling onto her thin string of endurance.

She would rather… rather that he went straight into her deepest parts instead of torturing her so slowly with the imminent bliss.

No! That was totally not her thoughts, she did not want to be here!

This man hated her, and he hates her still! How could she do something so vulgar with a man that hated her to the extreme?

Her reasoning and her emotions tore into her mind ruthlessly, jumbling up her decisions and leaving her in a confused state, and it was not until he bit down softly upon her visible bean through her soaked garments did her mind jolt awake.

This man, who had nothing but disdain for her, was slowly stuffing her, inch by inch…

The thought itself was too much for her to handle, as she subconsciously raised up her hand and flung it at his handsome face with a loud slap, successfully slapping away the storming desires he had for her.

He stared at her in shock at the slap, as this was the first time he had been slapped in his entire life, from a woman too!

This woman, who had tried endlessly to seduce him, who had even stripped herself naked in front of him once, and who had never given up trying to get him onto her bed… Slapped him in her desperate attempt of freeing herself from his clutches? Does she think she deserved the respect of a virgin?

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RUDE MAN WTF (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ He doesn’t deserve the pussy if he can’t respect the pussy imo ( ̄∇ ̄)

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  1. Slap away!!! Slap him to death!!!!

    If you are going to suffer anyway, at least get revenge no matter how small!!

    And while you are at it trample his pride too, tell him his skills are sloppy and that your other husbands are way better at it!!

    Thanks for the chapter~

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