I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 66

Chapter 66

They ended up spending the night in the royal palace that day.

As soon as the doors were shut, Mu QianQian jolted awake from her daze while her face flushed at the sight of the huge bed.

He was her husband, and now they’re both in the same room at night which consists of only one bed…

Her reddened face burned like lava, but quickly turning paper pale as the scenes from the river flashed through her mind.

She could handle co-existing with him in the morning, but it was already nighttime and she had no idea how to interact with him…

She walked over to the table quickly without even glancing at him. He shouldn’t be doing anything to since he hated her, right?

XuanYuan LianCheng had not intended to do anything to her, hence he only rested on the bed while concentrating on his book.

It was somewhat awkward, and Mu QianQian does not intend to break the silence any time soon, hence she fiddled around quietly with an exquisite teacup she found from the table.

After what felt like a long time, a sweet voice sounded outside their room, “Princess, Prince LianCheng, the Queen Dowager had ordered this slave to send over the bestowed bird’s nest soup.

“Come in.” Mu QianQian answered softly as she felt her head aching upon hearing the word “Queen Dowager”.

Two palace hand-maidens entered the room, each with a bowl of bird’s nest soup in their hands as they placed it gently on the table before moving to the side.

“Anything else?” Mu QianQian furrowed her brows into a tight knot upon noticing that they do not have the intention to leave.

XuanYuan LianCheng, on the other hand, ignored everyone coldly as he was too absorbed by his book.

“This slave will wait upon the princess and prince’s bed tonight,” One of the hand-maidens quickly answered.

“I don’t need that…” She started immediately, only to halt her words in time as her eyes landed on the expensive looking but unappealing bird’s nest soup.

She wondered if there were any poison in the soups, as it had been bestowed by the Queen Dowager, which was the main cause of her insecurities.

But staring at the two handmaidens nearby, she knew that if she doesn’t swiftly ‘sleep’ with him tonight, they would probably stand there until the sun rises.

Glancing once again at the soup and convincing herself that there was a low chance of poison since the Queen Dowager still needed her to be the bridge connecting to the four men, she picked up one of the bowls before gulping down everything until the last drop.

“I drank everything, and now we need to rest. You’re dismissed.” She glanced emotionlessly at the two handmaidens.

“Prince LianCheng…“ One of the handmaidens stared at him with a puzzled look, hesitating before leaving.

“He doesn’t like these things.” Mu QianQian frowned once more before gulping down the soup in the other bowl.

“This princess will rest with the husband now, how long are you two going to stay here for?” She said coldly, almost losing her patience as she banged the empty bowl onto the table.

Translator’s Note:
Oooohhh protective wife mode (´▽`)

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