I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 67

Chapter 67

“This slave dare not.” The two maids stuttered in panic before leaving the room in a rush.

Silence had finally returned, but still, Mu QianQian felt constrained as she stared gloomily at the only bed in the room.

Fortunately, it did not seem that he planned to touch her, but still, she would willingly give up the bed as long as he doesn’t change his mind about it.

Pondering about her options, she walked towards the long couch instead of the table slowly before laying down silently.

Perhaps she had gobbled down the soup too quickly just now, as her abdomen seemed to be burning intensely not long after she laid down to rest.

She wiped the sweat from her forehead, muttering to herself in confuse, “Why is it so extremely hot tonight?”

The midnight breeze which had entered from the gap in the window, too, did not seem to cool her down, instead, it had only made her body burned.

“So hot…” She complained softly as she unhooked her collar impatiently at the hot weather.

XuanYuan LianCheng, who had ignored her ever since they entered this room, finally stole a glance at her unusually red cheeks, his brows quickly furrowing into a knot as he slammed his book shut and made his way towards her.

Mu QianQian blinked at the approaching man curiously before wincing at her body’s increasing discomfort.

The collar which she had unhooked previously were no longer enough to relieve her from this heat, and her hands subconsciously began to pull against her garments, revealing her torso and the mountain-like bosoms which dangled alluringly from her chest as he stared at her from above.

Those were the pair of preciousness that he had held adoringly within his palms just this morning, he had toyed with and squeezed them into different shapes, and the feeling he had felt was irreplaceable.

So smooth and soft…

As his gaze landed on her, she, too, was watching him.

She could not get over how handsome he looked, his naturally red lips contrasted sharply against his flawless skin, making him all the more mesmerizing under the dim candlelight.

Without even realizing it, she had stood up and moved a few steps towards him, “LianCheng…”

In her confused state, she was convinced that all she had done was to move a few steps towards him, but to him, she had basically slammed into his chest before reaching out a hand towards him, intending to caress his face.

He grabbed her wrist in a hurry and landed his fingers on her pulse firmly before his frown deepened.

Damn it! Aphrodisiac again!

He had already proved his affections for her today in the royal palace, but still, that old woman refused to believe him? Does it not worry her that this might not make him happy, but instead, increase his disgust towards her?

This aphrodisiac was named the “Yu Huan San” for its potent drug-like properties. Usually used by the emperor and the royalties on replaceable women, such as concubines, mistresses it bed warmers when they’re in need of intense stimulations or excitement.

But the Queen Dowager had used it on her own granddaughter.

As a man who does not indulge himself in such physical desires, he had never tried it out himself, but he had heard rumors about its danger.

The side effect of Yu Huan San is extremely strong, and if the woman inflicted by this aphrodisiac did not receive a man’s seed, her body would be heavily injured, and that was the best-case scenario… She could even die from it!

How could that old woman be so sure that he would surely bed this woman?

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