I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 69

Chapter 69

His mind was not made up yet, as relieving her from the poison would mean taking her in bed, and he wasn’t THAT desperate for her.

Of course, that time in the river doesn’t count as it wasn’t intentional…

But right now, as he listened to her constant rejection, even if there was a possibility that it was merely a pretense, he felt his injured pride burned within him.

Hence, without hesitating, he immediately made his way towards the bed with her in his arms, and before she could react and continue struggling, he released his hold on her body as he dropped her onto the soft bed.

“Oof!” She huffed as her air was knocked out from her at the impact, almost forcing out the soup she had drank moments ago.

If only she would puke, then she could expel the aphrodisiac within her… And as she pondered about the possibility, she crawled into a sitting position before digging her fingers deeply into her mouth.

But before she could reach the back of her mouth, XuanYuan LianCheng had gripped onto her wrists tightly, “Dumb woman, do you think this would actually work?”

The aphrodisiac poison had already entered her bloodstream and even if she had managed to puke everything out, it would’ve been useless…

Mu QianQian raised her head towards his direction weakly while her brows furrowed together pitifully as she begged him for mercy, “No… XuanYuan LianCheng, let go of me, I don’t want to do this…”

“Do you think I want this?” He sat down near the bed before landing his gaze on her.

Does he want it? He wasn’t sure, or perhaps, he should try it before he would answer the question.

And thinking exactly that, he reached out his hands towards her garments and slowly began undressing her.

Only to have his hand gripped on desperately by her limped hands as she landed her gaze on him while her face filled with determination, “I’ve already said it, I do not wish to do it with you… E…en… N…No…”

A sudden heat spread through her body at his light touch, burning her thoroughly as it tempted her to want more of it.

But didn’t he said that he didn’t want this? And if he hadn’t wanted this, why was he taking off her garments now…

“N…no…” She whimpered softly as she felt her collar torn apart, revealing her enormous bosoms through the semi-translucent inner-wear as he cupped her fully, forcing the embarrassing moans out from her agape lips.

“Your beans are already rock hard, and you’re still denying it?” XuanYuan LianCheng held her beans firmly between his thumb and his index finger through her inner-wear, as if examining his goods thoroughly before pinching down on them teasingly.

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