I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 7

Chapter 7: Harder…

Laid on his back with her on top of him, he positioned his burning hot shaft right at her pitifully tiny softness, this was so that she would fall right onto him as soon as she relaxed.

Mu QianQian’s eyes grew wide with panic as she felt the imminent danger but she could not escape his strong grip as their lips were locked tightly together.

“En…” She whimpered softly and squirmed around uncomfortably at his tactless kissing. The horrible man was biting her lips swollen while his tongue forced her lips apart as he tackled her delicate tongue, suckling it deeply.

To make things worse, the more she squirmed around, the wider her petals were spread apart by his dangerous hardness as it loomed scarily at the entrance to her softness.

Her legs, which had been supporting her entire body from falling onto his upright shaft, was already trembling weakly, threatening to give way any time.

“En…” She whimpered deeply, a hot wave spreading through her body as the tip of his hardness once again rubbed against her sensitive bud, So hot… So itchy…

Almost dying from the extreme frustration, Dong JingMo groped her dangling bosoms roughly as he kissed her deeply, he felt as if he was going to explode as he could not enter her, Shit! Why is it so tiny?! Does she want me to die?!

“L…lord…” Mu QianQian opened her eyes weakly and stared into his eyes, only to jump back in surprise as she realized that they were narrowed and filled with a burning flame of anger… or perhaps lust?

The tip of his enormous shaft entered her at her sudden movements, causing a numbed pleasure to spread through her entire body as soft moans escaped her slightly agape mouth, “En… No… Ah! It’s huge! It hurts a lot!”

“Relax yourself if you don’t want it to hurt.” He grunted hoarsely as he felt the tight grip on the tip of his hardness, he breathe deeply to calm himself down before continuing, “Be a good girl… Relax… Let me in…”

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