I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 70

Chapter 70

He wasn’t really experienced with women, in fact, she was his first too, but he wasn’t so ignorant as to not understand how a woman’s body works.

Hardened beans and drenched crotch were all signs of an aroused woman, but perhaps, he should confirm it by checking if she was, indeed, drenched.

Releasing her perky beans, he pulled her onto his lap and flipped open her long dress, before pressing his palm against her abdomen and slid into her panties, immediately landing on her tiny aroused bud.

“En…” A mumbled moan escaped her lips as his touch soothed the hollow discomfort she had felt when his hands left her chest.

But as her eyes focused on his face, her momentary daze faded away quickly.

He is XuanYuan LianCheng, and he hated her…

“N…no… Ah! Not there! No… Ah… En….” Her screams were a mixture of refusals and moans, and this was the exact same voice he had heard outside the room on that fateful day when Dong JingMo had bedded her.

That voice… So shameless and vile, but at the same time, he was drawn to it like a sailor to a siren’s song.

His idle beast began awakening from its deep slumber as his fingers left her swollen bud and slowly approached her leaking oasis.

“You’re soaked,” He rasped with excitement, like a kid finding out his best friend’s secret, as his fingers lingered in anticipation at the entrance of her softness.

Her eyes were wide open in horror as she grabbed onto his arm with all of her strength, intending to push him away, but her strength was feeble as compared to his.

“Ah!” Her body halted suddenly before trembling furiously as his thick finger dug into her, while her walls began clamping down tightly around his finger, as if intending to suck him into her void.

“En…” She wiggled her lower body in horror, intending to push him out of her as she endured the slight pain and the building pleasure within her.

Meanwhile, XuanYuan LianCheng was staring at his buried finger in awe, even though this woman had done it so many times with Dong JingMo, she was still as tight as ever, still so tight and so tiny…

Any man would go crazy for her!

N…no… Please, don’t touch me, no…” She begged helplessly as the pain spread throughout her entire body and coincidentally keeping her mind intact for now, “I…I b… Ah… I beg of you… I d…don’t want this… Ahh…”

Translator’s Note:
+1 to this rape fantasy which I’ll be keeping in my brain drawer ufufufufufu OwO

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