I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 71

Chapter 71

XuanYuan LianCheng’s face darkened immediately at her unending refusal, “Not me then who? Do you want Dong JingMo or perhaps HeLian ZiJin? Or maybe Feng YingYe, but he’s miles away right now and you’re probably dead by then.”


Her heart clenched with fear as the realization dawned on her.

If not cured on time, this poison will kill her? How can the Queen Dowager be so sure that XuanYuan LianCheng would definitely bed her? What if he outright refused to touch her, then would she be left here to rot?

How cruel and vicious she was!

“Why… En… Why would she would treat me with such cruelty?” Mu QianQian bit down on her trembling lips as her heart was filled with disbelief.

Doesn’t the Queen Dowager understand that the four men regarded her as nothing but trash? Dong JingMo would perhaps save her life in regards to the bigger picture, but XuanYuan LianCheng…

He doesn’t care about her, dead or alive!

This seventh princess’s life was worthless after all…

“Because you’re just a chess piece on her board.”

Her brows furrowed deeply at his words and she replied him with silence as she felt the spreading heat throughout her swollen softness.

It was extremely horrible, the itch and the discomfort was so terrible that it was almost like she was being bitten by thousands of bugs.

Her tiny hands reached immediately to her half-opened collar, intending to tear it wider even though her eyes were filled with terror and defiance.

“En… It’s hot, XuanYuan… LianCheng, it’s burning hot…” She moaned his name desperately, causing him to gulp uncontrollably as he tried to restrain his urges.

“Beg me if you want it…” He leaned towards her and rasped hoarsely into her ear.

These words again, beg him if I want it…

No, she was already Dong JingMo’s woman, even if she would beg, it would be towards him and him only.

Mu QianQian pursed her lips as she tried her best to keep the last strand of her mind intact, “Send me back, I wish to go to TingXue Ge, please.”

“… I see, you like Dong JingMo.”

It was a well-known fact throughout the entire country that she was in love with Dong JingMo, but the seventh princess from before had not only loved Dong JingMo, in fact, HeLian ZiJin, Feng YingYe and he himself were her targets too.”

She had pestered them daily and meddled with their personal lives, wasn’t that to get their attention and finally, bed her?

But now, he was right in front of her and she had the nerve to beg him to send her to Dong JingMo?!

He narrowed his eyes dangerously at her, gazing at her quivering but lush lips, “Are you sure? You need to understand that by begging me to send you back to his side today, I will never again set my eyes on you in the future.”

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