I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 72

Chapter 72

Mu QianQian knew immediately that he had misunderstood her intentions, that his pride had seemingly been injured by her words.

But it wasn’t intentional, plus even if she had begged for him to send her to Dong JingMo, that man wasn’t actually who she liked…

Furthermore, the reason she had asked for Dong JingMo was entirely because he had taken her first time, and that she was already his woman… And in this situation where she MUST bed a man to cure the poison, picking him would be much more appropriate, as she was not a loose woman.

She clamped her trembling hand over his weakly before pushing against him once again, only to be burned by the heat from his palm.

“LianCheng…” She mumbled in confused as she went into a daze staring at him, while the slight trembling of her lips exposed her insecurities as she wrapped her fingers around his hand in anticipation, pulling him towards her instead of pushing him away.

“LianCheng, I…It’s burning hot… En… Ah…”

XuanYuan LianCheng knew that the aphrodisiac had fully rooted itself within her entire body and her mind was already not her own.

Her cheeks were unusually flushed, as well as her slender neck and her delicate ears while her tiny hands placed his palm on her drenched softness.

It was obvious now, that she had been under the effects of the aphrodisiac for a long while now, and still, she had forcefully kept her mind in place just to reject him, this woman!

He reached out his other hand towards her abdomen before moving up her body slowly, cupping her huge bosoms before squeezing them contently.

“En…” A soft sigh escaped her lips while she kept her eyes closed, “LianCheng… Take me…”

“Is that what you really want?” He asked softly as he gazed at her intently, all he would’ve felt was disgust if she had said that to him as the old seventh princess, but if it was this woman…

He leaned towards her, closing the distance between their faces as his palm continued caressing her bosoms ever so often while the finger buried within her worked diligently.

Such a tiny hole… If he was to remove his finger from her walls and replace it with his shaft, wouldn’t it make him feel extreme ecstasy?

His breathing turned intense and ragged just by the thought of it, unfortunately, the dazed Mu QianQian had not noticed it at all.

“En… Hot… So hot…” She wiggled within his arms in discomfort.

“Shall I strip you clean?” He growled seductively into her ear, his voice so melodious that she could feel her mind wavering.

Her body was reacting to him, but her last strand of sanity managed to keep her mind barely intact. She knew that if she nodded right here and then, it’ll mean that she would spend the night under yet another stranger’s embrace.

It wasn’t that she preferred Dong JingMo over this man, or that taking any one of them would make a difference, but right now, she was still unable to handle changing men daily, like as if they were clothes.

Her body, mind, and soul were not ready for this!

“I… S…send me back… I…I wish to… r…return… TingXue Ge…”

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