I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 73

Chapter 73

His rare affection and care for her dissipated immediately upon listening to her words as he removed his hand from her lower body before starting at her straight in the eye, “You really wish to return to Dong JingMo?” He asked hoarsely.

She squirmed in extreme discomfort as the bugs within her began to awaken from their deep slumber the moment his palms left her, “Send me back, please, send me… En… back…” She whimpered as she held onto the last shred of her conscious.

“Why him?” He asked deeply, ignoring her pleas as he tore of the remaining of her clothes from her body, leaving on just the half-translucent inner wear which did nothing to hide her enormous twin bunnies as they quivered according to her intensified breathing while her twin pinkish beans stood solid due to the effects of the aphrodisiac.

She sighed comfortably as cool breeze blew past her naked body, but as the thought of XuanYuan LianCheng doing lewd things to her body, she hugged herself tightly before shaking her head furiously while screaming, “No! No! I want Dong JingMo, I… En… I want… Dong JingMo… Send me back… En… Please! Ah!”

He reached out a greedy palm towards her chest before groping her bosom furiously, “You’re already like this and you still wish for him!?”

XuanYuan LianCheng had eventually sent her back to Dong JingMo, and in a blink of an eye, she was left alone in the room with him.

Dong JingMo stood by the bed as he gazed unhappily down at the squirming woman on his bed.

Damnit! Why does she look for him every time she get poisoned, does she treat him as a personal antidote?

But regardless of his annoyance, he had indeed missed her body, even though he had bedded her the entire night yesterday, and the scenes from the previous night had entered her brain ever so often during the day at work.

Even now, he could feel the sleeping beast between his thighs awaken quickly at the mere thought of her, which would never had happened in the past.

But as she laid messily on the bed without any clothes on her, it had made her look entirely delicate and beautiful.

That was especially true for the twin bunnies, which had looked so pale and flexible as it bounced around under the dim candlelight.

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