I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 74

Chapter 74

Just the mere sight of her had sent the blood in his entire body into a burning frenzy.

Mu QianQian somewhat understood that she was acting in a lewd and vile way, but still, there was no way to conquer the poison within her with any other way.

She crawled weakly towards Dong JingMo, tears streaming down her face as she pounced onto his chest, “S…save me…” She rasped, “I…it’s so u…uncomfortable… En… Save me… M…Mo…”

“How?” He asked hoarsely as his breathing intensified, even though his face had remained expressionlessly calm.

He doesn’t like her, but her body was like the most precious jewel on earth, so alluring, so mesmerizing…

His huge palm landed on her slender waist before trailing up towards her huge perky mountains, squeezing it in content, “Speak, how do you want me to save you?”

“T…take me…” Her feeble arms wrapped weakly around his neck as she gasped softly, before reaching to unbutton his clothes.

But he would not allow her to as he caught her wrists swiftly before holding them tightly at her back to prevent her from moving around, “Have you done it with XuanYuan LianCheng? Was he not able to satisfy you?”

“No, I didn’t! I hadn’t done that with him!” She shook her head desperately at his words.

But her words were weak and unbelievable, as she had returned stark naked, with not a single cloth left on her.

Dong JingMo pushed her softly towards the bed and watched as she struggled into a crawling position before trying desperately to move towards him once more.

He leaned towards her squirming figure before grabbing her wrists and held them in place above her head while his other hand reached out towards her abdomen.

“Really? You hadn’t done it with him?” He asked coldly, his tone was full of suspicion.

“No, I swear!” She whimpered in agony while squirming around, It’s burning everywhere… So itchy, I wish I could hug him…

But still, he would not let go of her caged wrists, his eyes were glued towards her softly as his rough hand trailed towards her petals, “We will know if you had been lying or not in a second.”

As his words ended, he pushed a thick finger into her tight and tiny entrance, digging deeply into her immediately.

“Ah!” An shrilled scream escaped her lips as she threw her head back at the painful but satisfying bliss.

Even though she was enjoying the momentarily relief, her thighs clamped down together as she instinctively tried to hide her embarrassing and shameful parts, accidentally clamping down tightly onto his thick and long finger.

“You’re already so drenched, and you claimed that you had not done it with him… Do you think I’m a three year old child?” He frowned unhappily at her as his eyes flashed dangerously.

“I swear, we really didn’t…” She stared at him with her tear-filled eyes as her eyelashes trembled pitifully, “Dong JingMo, please, you know I’ve been poisoned… En… My body is not under my control… Please…”

He stared intently at her naked body, scanning it thoroughly before landing his gaze onto her unusually flushed cheeks.

Of course he knew that she was under the effects of some sort of aphrodisiac, but he could not confirm if she had done it with XuanYuan LianCheng previously…

He did not wish to touch this filthy body right after XuanYuan LianCheng had done so, at least not until she had been washed and cleaned thoroughly.

Translator’s Note:
Smh at ML with OCD ಠ_ಠ I mean, SHE COULD DIE! And the story would end immediately! Lord Dong, do you understand the consequences of your hesitation!?

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  1. It was quite satisfying reading her denying that other guy and asking for Lord Dong 😈. But, Dong is now acting like a dingus lol 😅…

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