I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 75

Chapter 75

She knew what his concerns were immediately.

Left with no other choice, she spread her trembling legs wide apart while keeping her eyes shut tightly together, “Y…you… En… P…please in…inspect me… I’m clean…”

It’s all because of the aphrodisiac, her shameful actions weren’t done willingly as she wasn’t in control of her body.

Surely that must be the reason!

Mu QianQian kept her eyes shut, unwilling to watch the scene unfold, or she might just die of shame.

Though her body continued to burn and the strange itch intensified.

“Dong JingMo, I’m clean… P…please…” She rasped desperately as she bit down on her lips.

Dong JingMo stared at her intently and thoroughly.

Her smooth softness was clean, there was no reddened swell or any signs of liquid from another man.

He gazed at the finger which had dug into her previously, it was soaked with a woman’s nectar and filled with her unique fragrance.

He sucked in a tight breath, no longer able to contain himself after confirming that she was, indeed, untouched.

He stripped himself naked in a blink of an eye before pointing his beastly shaft at her softness, thrusting it into her walls without even bothering to perform any foreplay.

“Ah…” It hurts, it really hurts… But it was real, and fulfilling, calming down the torturous burning within her body instantly.

I don’t care anymore, just let it happen… She’ll allow him to spread her widely and use her however, as long as he could stop her suffering…

Wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around her neck, she stared deeply into his darkened eyes before pouting her lips alluringly, “Take me, Dong JingMo, L…lord, take me please… En… En… H…harder, Ah…”

He had never been a talkative person, hence in regards to her desperate invitation, he would show her with his actions.

He would show her how ‘hard’ he could go.

A deep and constant slapping noise sounded through the night and Mu QianQian felt as if she was on cloud nine while her body bounced around from his unrestrained ramming.

Screams and moans escaped her lush lips as she drowned in the endless bliss while all but one thought left her mind entirely.

Actually, he didn’t have to do it this hard…

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