I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 76

Chapter 76

Dong JingMo did not stay back after lunch to ‘cherish’ her like she thought as an emergency happened at the army camp and he needed to attend to it.

Her feelings were extremely complicated as she gazed at his leaving figure, while her heart was filled with reluctance.

When did this happen? How was it possible that she would feel reluctant for him to leave! Could it be that she had gotten used to his horrible treatment and had finally turned into a masochist?!

But still, even though she was a little upset about his departure, she had sighed with relief the moment she stepped into her own residence.

Days without Dong JingMo was extremely relaxing.

Mu QianQian didn’t make her way to her own QianYun Ge, but instead, she proceeded towards HeLian ZiJin’s YiFeng Ge.
(TNote: Ge 阁 are more like a building, and there would usually be plenty of Ge in a huge area, whereas in this case, each of the husbands have their own zones but all of these buildings are within the princess’s residence. Just think of it as a huge walled up private residency with different buildings in it.)

HeLian ZiJin was reading an unfamiliar book when she arrived. He had always been a quiet person, always dressed in white while his black silky hair streamed down his shoulders and back beautifully.

So beautiful that he seemed like a god that had walked out of a picture.

Without realizing it, Mu QianQian was already staring dreamily at him. She had always known that she was a pervert, and that she would always go into a daze, and sometimes even drool, at the sight of a handsome man.

Even before she was sent to this dynasty, she would always invite Jun SiHai out for a meal as he was the only handsome man she knew, and her eyes would always be glued to his face the entire time, plus the fact that he would always pay for the meal.

He was the perfect companion as her eyes and tummy would always go home satisfied.

But now that Jun SiHai was gone, and that she doesn’t have the guts to stare at Dong JingMo or XuanYuan LianCheng as she drooled at their beauty, the only man left was the gentle HeLian ZiJin.

“Anything?” He asked finally after realizing that she had not spoken any words except to stare at him, while his arms reached out habitually to give her a hug.

But as his arms touched her waist, Mu QianQian was pulled back from her daydream immediately before jumping back from his touch in fear.

Dong JingMo mentioned that he wanted her to be his, and his alone… If words ever got out of her unknown familiarity with HeLian ZiJin, he would surely get angry. She didn’t want or even dare to make him angry.

HeLian ZiJin stared at his reached out palms in silence while his eyes flashed with an unknown light, even though his face was still expressionless and gentle.

“Are you looking for me?” He retracted his hands and placed them neatly behind his back like a gentleman.

“I…” Mu QianQian bit down on her lips hesitantly, “Do you know QingGong? I wish to learn it, are you willing to teach me?”
(TNote: QingGong is a type of martial arts where the user can walk through air with increased speed, usually seen in cultivation movies where the user just run up a building or a mountain. It is very useful for escaping tbh ;w;)

“QingGong?” He murmured after her while carefully inspecting her facial expression thoroughly.

She had mentioned about losing her memories after almost drowning in the pond, but he had doubted her words, even now.

Even though she could not be considered a highly skilled martial artist previously, it was a known fact that she was somewhat proficient in the arts of QingGong, but now, she was requesting him to teach it to her… Did her martial skills disappeared along with her memories, or was this yet another game of hers?

“Are you sure you want to learn that?”

She nodded her head with determination, “Yes, please.”

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