I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 77

Chapter 77

Mu QianQian was dressed in a simple plain white dress, somewhat similar to HeLian ZiJin’s usual clothes, making the two of them match, seemingly like a pair made in heaven.

If she wasn’t so ruthless and cruel, so tainted within, it wasn’t difficult to mesmerize every single man in the world with her goddess-like looks and grace.

And as he restrained the urges at his abdomen for the fourth time, Mu QianQian has finally completed her first run around the field.

It wasn’t an easy feat for her, and she was so exhausted that her legs were already trembling like jelly as the weighted sacks of sand that was tied around her legs prohibited her movements.

Her body felt heavy and her mind was already spinning from the intensive training.

Sweat streamed down from her face and body likewise, a mixture of hot and cold sweat. The hot sweat was due to the training she had experienced, while the cold sweat was due to her weak body, which, under such strained activities, was retaliating against her.

Finally reaching her starting point, she took a peek at the handsome man standing there, but noticing that he had no intention of stopping her training, she bit down on her lips slightly before forcing her legs to move once again.

Step by step, she forced her burdened legs to move. She was trying her best, but her views slowly turned blurrier and blurrier, until her body finally gave way and crashed towards the ground.

No one attempted to save her, as expected.

Her palms scrapped against the tiny rough stones on the sandy floor as she landed, causing her to wince in pain at the impact as her skin of her palms tore and bled.

Her pain tolerance was still as insignificant as ever, but it couldn’t be helped. In her past life, she would’ve started screaming and crying from a mere injection, but now, even though her palms were in so much pain, she had not made a single sound except for the initial wince.

Her loving parents weren’t here, the elder sister who had always pampered her wasn’t here, the best friend, Cong Er, that she always playfully bullied wasn’t here, and Jim SiHai, the handsome man who had always been there for her wasn’t here.

The people here would show no sympathy or care for her pain, so what’s the point of crying?

But she can’t give up now, as it was really difficult to convince HeLian ZiJin to teach her the legendary QingGong, and if she gave up so easily, he might lose interest and change his mind about this.

Grinding her teeth with determination, she patted her palms together to remove the sand and dust before crawling into a standing position once more, taking off around the field as best as she could.

Her second run consisted of falling down no less than four times, and when she finally completed her the run around the large field, her body was already so drained that she could do nothing else but gasp for air as she stayed lying on the ground.

She hasn’t laid down on the ground intentionally, but instead, she had tripped once again the moment she reached the end. Knowing the impossibility of standing up once more as her strength had left her limbs, she merely flipped herself over as she attempted to catch her breath.

He gazed at her chest in a daze, staring at the way her twin bunnies bounced up and down in accordance to her heavy breathing.

He had caressed and tasted her smooth bunnies previously, and he had to admit that… they’re absolutely delicious.

If… he was to walk up to her and tear her clothes into pieces, those half hidden bunnies would surely be fully revealed and exposed without anywhere to hide.

He… could not wait to taste them once again.

Translator’s Note:
Even a gentleman has fantasies and urges too I guess (´▽`)

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  1. I’m starting to dislike them all, they are just perverted bastards who treat her as a sex doll most of the time.

    But, well, the title already said so….the heck did I expect? XD

    Thanks for the chapter~★

    1. Agree, idk what I expect, but mannn the guys are really treating her like an object… Also (I might be wrong, butttt) sometimes I wonder why she doesn’t know that the Queen Dowager acts like that, when she is the author

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