I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 78

Chapter 78

He stared at the sky above him in silence as the scorching sun burned into his skin ruthlessly.

The woman, who had laid panting on the ground a moment ago, had crawled up and started running once again the moment she caught her breath.

It was not difficult to realize that her body was drained of strength entirely, as her breathing was getting fainter by the minute.

His eyes flashed in an unknown light as he moved towards her in a blink of an eye.

Not expecting the man to suddenly appear right in front of her and unable to stop her weary and heavy body in time, she crashed into him in a soft yelp.

She fell backward towards the ground from the heavy impact as her breath was knocked out of her.

But the looming pain did not happen as HeLian ZiJin caught her by the waist just in time before returning to the simple pavilion.

But even after removing the sand weights from her legs, he had not allowed her to lie down immediately, but instead, he insisted that she should lean against him while standing as she calmed her breathing.

It wasn’t that he wanted to torture her further, but his concerns were legit because sitting down during such a time would definitely destroy her body from within because without any speck of inner Qi, the messy blood flow within her body would destroy her nerves and veins.

When her gaze finally cleared up, she realized that she was leaning against him shamelessly while the weights around her legs had been removed.

She glanced up towards him in a panic before backing away immediately, “I… I can still continue, please don’t give up on me.” She rasped hoarsely.

HeLian ZiJin gazed at her silently before picking up a cup of cool tea from the stone table before offering it to her.

She accepted the cup immediately before finishing it in a huge gulp, “More, please.”

After four full cups of tea, her dried-up throat was finally moisturized enough for her to speak normally. She glanced at the man beside her with determination before begging him once more, “I can continue, please don’t give up on me. I promise to put in my maximum effort for it, please.”

HeLian ZiJin’s eyes landed on her hands silently, and noticing his hardening gaze on her palms, she quickly hid it behind her back.

Only to have her wrists held tightly within his hands as he spread them apart to check her injuries.

But what he saw over-exceeded his expectations, as her previously smooth and soft palms were now scarred, full of blood and cracks which was filled with tiny sand and rocks.

“The Queen Dowager would certainly be upset about this.” He muttered softly, god knows how much effort and time that old woman had spent on this tool of hers, slowly shaping her into the perfect chess piece, if she were to find out that her perfect doll had been injuring herself without thought, how angry would she become?

Mu QianQian’s eyes widened in horror upon hearing the word ‘Queen Dowager’, “I…it’s nothing, I’ll put on some medicine tonight.” She stuttered softly as she took her hands back from him.

He nodded slightly, not intending to stop her actions before indicating the food on the table, “Eat something first.”

Translator’s Note:
Well, at least this man has self-control, instead tearing her clothes just like he fantasized about when she was lying on the ground 🤣🤣

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