I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 79

Chapter 79

HeLian ZiJin controlled his tensed body with care as he offered her the food. He had made a mistake in grabbing her palms, as the uncontrollable flame began burning him once again as soon as their skin came into contact. He had almost lost the battle to the MiQing Xiang previously when she was lying on the ground, but he refused to submit to it. He could prescribe some medicine for himself, but he wasn’t willing to depend on an external cure for something that might be permanent to his body.
(TNote: Apparently it seems that our gentle boi was afflicted with the aphrodisiac too, perhaps he had already been infected wayyyy before MC had, or perhaps he had been infected during the intercourse with her when he had attempted to clean her walls?? I wonder if the author would explain in the future chapters ;w;)

Mu QianQian shook her head before taking another step backward anxiously.

She cannot indulge in these delicacies before she could convince him to not give up on her, furthermore, this might even be a trick to test her endurance.

“Why are you in such a rush to learn QingGong?” He asked, not because he was doubting her words, but because it was somewhat weird.

She paused in her tracks, hesitating slightly before laughing dryly, “I’m really envious on the way all of you can fly or move around quickly just with QingGong.” She forced out a grim smile before continuing on quickly, “But I’ll be off to finish up the remaining of my rounds.”

Noticing that HeLian ZiJin had not reacted disapprovingly, she walked swiftly towards her weights and tied them around her legs firmly before taking off towards the field.

One step, and another step. One round, and another round… Finally, after no less than nine complete rounds, her eyesight blackened immediately and she fell face-first towards the ground as she fainted suddenly.

But fortunately, he had been concentrating on her the whole time, hence he easily caught her before she hit the ground. He gazed silently at the unconscious woman in his arms, observing her reddened cheeks and her relaxed features as she slumbered deeply.

He could feel an ominous heat spreading near his abdomen, while his clear obsidian eyes darkened significantly.

Perhaps, he could use her as a conduit to control his flames and test his endurance, just to perform an experiment to find the truth about this so-called irresistible aphrodisiac…

A beautiful woman laid unconscious on the bed while a striking man dressed in white sat silently beside the bed, slowly wiping her down with a warmly damped cloth before cleaning and dressing up her wounds.

She had fallen down many times during the run, to the point that her knees and palms were all filled with bruises and cuts, some of them still bleeding even now.

The woman who had taken such great care of her own body was now destroying herself without a care just to learn a mere QingGong… She’s definitely not the seventh princess, but then, who exactly is she?

Finally cleaning her down thoroughly, he threw the cloth onto the ground as he moved swiftly towards the opened window, taking deep breaths as he forced his urges down.

His clothes were already drenched with his sweat, while the beast below him… If he wasn’t staring at it with his own eyes, he would never had thought that such a lewd side to himself.

He could not believe that he’s having a reaction from staring at an unconscious woman!

The image of her naked body was stuck in his mind, regardless if his eyes were opened or shut. Even now, when he gazed at her naked body resting unmovingly on the bed, his heart seemed to tingle softly with each breath.

That naked woman on his bed, she was his wife.

And a wife was someone whom he could vent his frustrations to.

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