I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 8

Chapter 8: Harder… 2.

Mu QianQian knew that the tip of his hardness was already inside and she instinctively knew that he would be able to enter her fully if she would relax a little more, but unfortunately, the thought of him entering her made her extremely nervous.

Her insides contracted tightly at the nervousness, clamping down on him tightly as her walls prevented him from entering or leaving.

“QianQian, please spread open your legs, be a good girl and let me in~” He cooed hoarsely after sucking in a breath.

The way he called her “QianQian” made her legs weak as goosebumps ran through her entire body, his voice was so hoarse and gentle, so magnetic and strong, she felt like she could drown in his voice.

Her legs gave way weakly into an opened split while she was in a daze, and her hands reached out towards his neck as she felt herself losing her balance, her face fell towards his and her round buttocks falling straight down onto his upright shaft.

She flinched in pain and struggled wildly as she felt his hardness tearing straight into her unused softness.

“Woman, do you want me to break?” Dong JingMo growled at her angrily, furious at her sudden tightness and the useless struggling, which did nothing but increase his pain and frustrations.

He grind his teeth together angrily as even though it had took so much time, only one third of his hardness was inside of her, and her unusually tight and warm walls which were wrapped around the tip of his shaft was so triggering that even a man like him felt like releasing his load immediately.

“I…It w…wasn’t i…intentional… Ah! It’s huge! I…I don’t want it anymore!” She sobbed weakly at his furious snapping, intending to apologize sincerely, only to be ignored as he dug himself deeper into her forcefully.

She squirmed with all her might but it was to no avail as he held both of her hands in a tight grip behind her back before pulling them downwards, causing her chest to rise up and her back to arch dangerously.

He sat up a little and with a sly grin, he leaned towards her exposed bosoms and took one of her aroused bean in his teeth while he grind her continuously, forcing himself deeper and deeper into her every time.

“Ah……” She cried out as a jolt ran down her spine as her mind went blank and her body burned, unknowingly thrusting out her chest at him as if asking for more attention while her pale and round buttocks began to move slightly, in sync with his slow grinding.

Mu QianQian was very confused but it was impossible to think, her body was burning as the waves crawled slowly through her body while her expanded walls twitched with anticipation for the coming destruction.

I…I wish that he would ram me harder… She thought wistfully before succumbing to the building pleasure.

Translator’s Note:
Almost there! Keep it up, you’re doing perfectly well ML!!

I actually like how the virgin MLs can self-teach in the bedding area (´▽`) My first and only college fling was horrible at the self-teaching thingy hahaha *sigh*

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      1. It hurt a little for me but it was probably because I wasn’t wet enough (we were both noobs) but strangely I did not bleed even though I was a virgin back then 🤔 they say it would hurt more if u bleed because of the tearing of your hymen (my mom suspected that my hymen tore way earlier from extreme sports so it reduced the pain of my first time 🤣 ) but I’m not sure how accurate that is 🤭

      2. many in the asian culture think the penis should be the first thing that goes inside u. i say hell no! why should you leave urself in the hands of a bumbling idiot. masturbate girls, its not something to be ashamed of. stretch urself out, play with some toys, find out what you like and how you like it. then ur first time wont be a trainwreck if he has some guidance. just sticking it in without enough foreplay and stretching preparation with like fingers like this guy is doing is not the way to go. you dont have to bleed if taken care of properly. but dont expect the other to do that well. take charge, its ur own body after all

  1. I am not sure what ads you have but reading these chapters have sent me to virus sites. It’s a shame because I can’t support you with whitelisting these ads

      1. No need to apologize and thank you for understanding! I love the work so far and would love to read it more

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