I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 80

Chapter 80

With a flick of his sleeves, each and every window in the room slammed shut as he moved slowly towards the bed before staring down at the unconscious woman.

She had really sharp features, with huge large watery eyes when she’s awake. Her nose was high while her naturally pink lips were puckered alluringly…

Her slender neck looked so fragile, as if it would break in pieces immediately if he was to grasp her neck within his palm right now, her collarbones protruded sexily below her neck. And finally, her twin bunnies, still so perky even when she’s in a slumber…

He could not help but reach out a hand towards one of her bunnies, squeezing down on it softly before catching her bean with his thumb and index finger, pinching it ever so often.

It felt like a dream, so horribly amazing, just like last time…

His gaze continued moving downwards, past her ribs and her belly button, until they come to a stop below her abdomen as he trembled slightly at her hairless crotch.

He pushed her legs apart gently, inspecting her petals, so tightly shut together as if they were shy and unwilling to show the gem within.

His mind wandered as he stared at the pinkish softness, recalling how her walls had clamped tightly around his shaft as they attempted to drown him in his desires, like how sirens would always drown sailors.

So beautiful, but so poisonous.

MiQing Xiang, it was but a tasteless excuse. Even if he wasn’t infected with it, he would not be able to control himself if he had seen her like this.

He doesn’t recall ever wanting… no… needing a woman so desperately. But ever since he had tasted her, he had not been able to forget the heavenly feeling. He was becoming like a drug addict, where this woman was the drug, and every single time his gaze landed on her, he felt as if he would go crazy.

His long slender finger trailed lightly around her petals before pushing against them ever so softly, causing the sensitive woman to squirm in her slumber as she frowned beautifully, “En… N…no… En…” Soft moans escaped her lips suddenly, causing him to freeze immediately as he felt his beast swell to a painful size.

He was her husband, so why was Dong JingMo allowed to bed her but not him? She was given to them equally by the Queen Dowager, as a plaything… a mere toy that they would vent their sexual frustrations on.

He should be able to take her whenever and wherever. He should be able to ram her to tears!

What of the calm gentleman, what of the clean and pure man who loved the color white and preferred a quiet environment? These were all just false images that he had created!

To think that she could sleep so deeply here, does she really think that she’s safe? That he wasn’t dangerous?

Such a silly girl… But maybe he should teach her a lesson after all? To let her experience his true personality?

The devil within his heart whispered ominously as he stared unblinkingly at her mesmerizing softness, but if one were to observe him carefully, one would notice that his obsidian eyes were slowly turning into a dark shade of red, like a man who had lost to his inner demons.

Suddenly, with a flick of his hand, he wrapped her up in a thick blanket and picked her up easily before escaping through the window so quickly as if he was nothing but a sudden breeze.

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  1. Man, I really liked him, what a disappointment (or maybe not, we’ll see~).

    But how come she doesn’t know her own characters? So far she being the author hasn’t really done anything at all.

    Thanks for the chapters~★

    1. I believe it is because the story and the men had entirely gone out of her own plot, because as she was the author, she had given them a personality and a storyline.
      (her original story had her as the villainess, whereas all of her husbands hated her and the entire story would revolved around the actual female lead…) And from my personal experience of reading these stories, there would usually be a gentleman type (which would be HeLian ZiJin in this case), but I assume she wouldnt had given the gentleman such a vicious hidden trait.

      Furthermore, the fact that all of her husbands had shown interest in her was already extremely outrageous to her, because in her original story, they would rather die than to touch her…

      So personally, I had treated her as a MC who had fallen into the world of her own story, but where the plot differs from and the MLs had somewhat came to life and developed their own personalities (which differs but was based on her own story)

      which is why she sometimes know things but other times she’s mostly confused :O

      but all in all, these are only my own assumptions xD

      1. Yes, but what I meant was that there’s really no point in her being a transmigrated author (so far at least) since it would be the same outcome if it was just a transmigrated reader.

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