I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 81

Chapter 81

Mu QianQian struggled to open her heavy eyes as she awoke from her deep slumber, but before her mind could register the unfamiliar surroundings, she had already smelled the strange flowery fragrance in the room.

Though it smelled nice, it had somehow made her limbs go limp and her body heavy, as if she had been stripped of her strength and the ability to move.

Her body was cold, while her legs…

“Ah!” The foreign sensation between her legs snapped her mind wide awake immediately as a shrilled scream escaped her. She snapped her eyes wide open trying desperately to check her surroundings, only to find herself in a pitch black place, so dark she could not even see her own fingers.

“Ah! Ah… N…No… Ah…” Finally realizing what was happening to her, Mu QianQian was in such a shock that she felt as if she might faint in any second.

Her abdomen felt stuffed, and painful, because… a huge shaft was buried deep within her walls, and it was slowly grinding and torturing her insides.

“No, I don’t want this, n…no… Let me go, ah… I beg of you, let me go…” She sobbed and begged with all her might even though she could not see the man behind.

No, this must be a dream… It has to be a dream! This isn’t real!

She remembered that she had been in YiFeng Ge, she remembered that she was learning QingGong diligently with HeLian ZiJin as her teacher, so why is she in this dark unknown place while being used and played around by an unknown man?


The man behind her stopped moving, as if noticing her thoughts, and reached out greedily for her bouncing twin bunnies, squeezing them into different shapes and sizes with a childlike glee.

Mu QianQian flinched one respond, reaching out her hands to push him away, only to hear the rattling of chains.

Her arms were tied together on top of her head while her legs, which were spread apart into a split, were tied separately on both sides.

The man continued to caress and grope her enormous bunnies, occasionally squeezing down on them hard, so hard that even in such a dark place, she could feel her bosoms leaking through the gaps of his fingers as he squeezed down on them hungrily.

“No, no… It’s all an illusion, it’s fake…” Surely this is but a dream, surely even God wouldn’t torture her like this… It’s not real!

Suddenly, she felt a firm grip on her chin and her face was lifted upwards slightly before she felt a sharp pain on her lips.

Ouch… She flinched away painfully from his bite, it was obvious that the unknown man felt no pity for her, as he had not stopped ramming her even when his teeth broke her lips.

And to her dismay, due to the adrenaline rush in her body from the sudden painful bite, she could feel the deep pulsing of his hardness as it rubbed violently against her drenched walls.

“Mmmm…” She whimpered in fear as she attempted to escape his demonic teeth while squirming her body in desperation to avoid his pulsing beast, but her attempts were to no avail as no matter where she hid, the man would follow closely behind her.

He could easily bite her, and… he could easily use her!

“Mmph… L…let go! Let… Mm…!”

“How about this?” The man’s unknown voice rasped deeply near her ear as his hands cupped her bouncing bunnies once more.

“Is this fake too? Tell me, is this reality?” He chuckled hoarsely as he pinched her solid beans between his thumb and index finger, before tugging on it sharply.

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ANCIENT BDSM and blind play!!? ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

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