I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 82

Chapter 82


It hurts! Her nipples hurt so much, and worst of all, not only was he pinching and tugging onto both of her beans, he was also ramming her like as if his life depended on it.

“Ah… Ah!!” Her shrill screams filled the dark room as he worked his way with her body, slow but usually forceful.

Each thrust was full and deep, always reaching her deepest walls, and to her horror, his ramming were filled with so much force that his pubic bone began hitting her butt cheeks each time he entered.

Pap! Pap! Pap!

It was endless.

“Ah! A…Ah…” She shook her head wildly at the unending torture, her body hurts, as well as her soul.

She’s terrified, filled entirely with hopelessness and despair… Would anyone notice her disappearance? Would anyone even bother to save her?

“Y…you… Who are you? Y…you… Ah! N…no… Ah…” She sobbed in distress as he continued to use her like a worthless toy, “W…why… Ah! D…don’t bully me like this…”

But the man behind her stayed silent, as if he had tremendous patience and time to slowly enjoy her to the fullest.

In fact, he had already unloaded his warm seeds within her walls before she had awakened, which was why the aphrodisiac within his body was momentarily relieved and finally allowing him to slowly savor her mesmerizing and unforgettable body.

Still grasping tightly onto her swollen and hardened beans between his thumb and index fingers, he pinched them violently before tugging them outwards, causing yelps of pain and moans of pleasure to escape through her agape lips.

Furthermore, this wasn’t just a random room, in fact, it was a secret hideout room with walls so thick and secure that it was impossible for voices to pass through these walls, hence her screams and moans, which echoed through the room unendingly, merely sounded like a melodious music to his ears.

“Does it feel good?” He leaned towards her and growled deeply into her ears as he once again buried himself deep within her drenched walls, while his hands, both tired of torturing her wonderful bunnies, began trailing down towards her abdomen and beyond.

“No, don’t touch there! N…no… Ah! E…En…” She knew immediately what he was aiming for the moment his hands trailed past her abdomen, but she could not stop him at all.

He pulled apart her entirely soaked petals before searching for her aroused bud, which was so swollen that it was already protruding slightly when he found it.

“E…en… En… Ah… N…no, no… Ah…!” As he began pressing and pinching her bud, her cries were already mostly filled with moans that she could not control.

“Your pretty lips are really dishonest,” He whispered into her ear before his tongue flickered lightly over her ear.

“Ah!” Mu QianQian flinched instinctively at the sudden warm breath and damp sensation on her ear, but there was nowhere to escape.

It was as if she was blindfolded, while her body became extremely sensitive to the multiplied sensations, which were all happening at the same time. Her body trembled involuntarily as she imagined their positions right now, her being tied firmly in midair while he played and fooled around recklessly with her body, the thought caused her expanded walls to clamp down around his huge hardness immediately as she burned with extreme shame.

Her lips said no but her bottom lips were suckling onto him so desperately.

Hmph! He dampened his dried lips at her sudden contraction, What a gem, this body of hers!

Even though he had released his seeds into her not long ago, her unusual tightness had almost caused him to reach climax once more!

Her slick and tight walls could make any man go crazy with ecstasy… No wonder Dong JingMo would spend so much time bedding her! He could not help but agree that if she was permanently at his side, he might even bed her everyday to the point that she would be too weak to even leave the bed!

Translator’s Note:
Still bondage and blindplay…
This ancient man is too much of a pro tsktsk ⁄(⁄ ⁄ ⁄ω⁄ ⁄ ⁄)⁄

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