I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 83

Chapter 83

He straightened his waist, allowing himself to dig even deeper into her, while Mu QianQian screamed for her life as she felt him forcing his way through the walls of her cervix, she wondered if her entire womb would break apart if he continued as he did…

And perhaps her luck was extremely horrible, the moment that thought passed through her mind, he rammed deeply into her unendingly as if he could read her mind.

It hurts so much… The pain was intense, and somehow prolonged unnecessarily as the thoughtless man used her like a doll, but at the same time, a numb pleasure that had been building up within her began spreading towards all four of her limbs slowly.

“E…En… N…No, no… You can’t do this… No… Ah…”

“Why not?” He rasped hoarsely in respond to her words as he slowed down his ruthless conquest at her tightening walls.

Too close! His shaft had reacted fiercely to her sudden clamping, almost making him lose control over himself.

But even though Mu QianQian had been suffering in bliss, she instinctively realized that whenever she clamped down around his hardness subconsciously, it would tremble within her while his breathing deepened.

Perhaps he would end this as soon as he reached climax? She thought as hope showered her exhausted body, all she wished for right now was for this stranger to release his seeds into her quickly to end this torture and release her, but that doesn’t stop her heart from clenching bitterly at being used by a stranger.

“No… Ah! Ah Ah! N…no…”

“Why not? Tell me, why not!?” His eyes reddened at the sudden rage which crawled through his chest upon hearing her words of refusal, and with his fists clenched tightly together, he rammed her wildly, as if he was entirely out of control.

No matter how they see her, Mu QianQian was still a delicate young lady, or at least this body of hers was still young and delicate, and being used so violently by a man hurts her a lot, physically and mentally.

“Ah Ah… A…Ah hah… No! N…no… hic! A…ah…” She sobbed hopelessly at his sudden beastly actions.

But her sobbing did not soothe his anger nor fill him with any pity at all, it had instead awakened the hidden monster within HeLian ZiJin and he stared at her smooth back thirstily with bloodshot eyes. Fuck her, fuck her endlessly, make her cry! The demon within him screamed like a banshee.

He loved this feeling a lot, he enjoyed torturing her with his over-sized shaft and watch as her tears streamed down her confused eyes while her sweet nectar burst everywhere like a waterfall.

He landed both palms at her hips, holding her buttocks higher before he continued with his important mission, using her like a human masturbation toy while enjoying the silvers that stained his pubic hair.

“Ahh… hic! A…Ah…” Her screams were soft and hoarse and her throat was dry, her head spun around furiously and she wondered if she would faint or die immediately.

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