I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 84

Chapter 84

The terror she’s undergoing right now felt as if she was skinned while being hanged in mid-air, but the most horrifying thing was that even though she’s being used by a stranger, it actually… felt really good…

“A…ah! Ah… hic! N…no… no more… Ah…!” Mu QianQian was burning with shake deep within, she despised her own actions, but it was impossible to think about other things while she was in such bliss.

Her insides felt full and expanded, and surprisingly, it had somehow comforted her insecurities of being transmigrated into this unknown world, hence even though she didn’t want to, she had to admit that she was… extremely in love with the huge unknown shaft deep within her…


The woman’s soft body stiffened up suddenly as her back arched into a curve while her walls clamped down tightly around the stranger’s hardness.

“Ah! N…no… A…ah…” Her head was thrown backward and a shrilled scream escaped her lips as she welcomed the long-awaited climax, which had crashed through her with such a huge impact that she could not stop her body from trembling.

HeLian ZiJin tried his best to retaliate against the sudden burning wave which had crashed against his shaft, but it was as if her body could read his thoughts, as her walls began clamping down crazily around him as her body trembled unendingly.

With a deep hoarse growl, he released his hot seeds right at the entrance leading to her womb, and Mu QianQian, who was still dazed in the lingering bliss of the fading climax, screamed at the sudden burning pleasure.

“W…why…” She muttered incoherently as her consciousness faded into nothing.

When she next came to, she was once again in a bright and clean room, but she quickly shut her eyes at the bright sunlight which streamed through the window.

Her body felt light, as if she was floating on the clouds or on the sea waves.

But as her senses recovered, she realized that there was one specific spot on her that she could feel.

I…it was… a woman’s most secretive and sensitive part, and just like before she fainted, a huge object was moving in and out from between her slender thighs…

“Ah!” She screamed in reflex before her eyes focused on a beautiful face above her.

It was HeLian ZiJin…

But he felt different, as the usual gentleness within his eyes were now relaxed with a burning flame as he stared intently at her face, while his usual gentle expression was now smiling subtly at her.

“N…no… Ah!” He rammed deeply into her before she could voice out her concerns, turning her confused rejection into a painful moan.

Her lower body hurts, the pain felt swollen and numb, as if it had been used for a long time…

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