I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 85

Chapter 85

To her horror, she realized that her hands were tied up firmly behind her back when she was forced to arch her back from the intensive ramming.

Every single time he pulled back, she would brace herself for the coming impact which would almost ram her entire body flying into the water.

“A…Ah… N…no, no… E…En…”

She now understood HeLian ZiJin’s cruelty and his dark humor, he knew water was her weakness, but still, he chose this place to bed her forcefully. She had to clamp her legs around his waist tightly to prevent herself from falling backward into the pool, but by doing so, it had only seemed to allow him to dig deeper within her walls.

He… how can he be like this? Is this man really the HeLian ZiJin that she knew?

“No, no! Please, I beg you… Ah! Please… E…En… Don’t be like this, I… Ah! I’m s…scared… Ah!” Her voice was already hoarse from the screaming and begging, while the subtle sobbing and moaning between her screams sounded so pitiful that any man would not be able to preserver in torturing her like this.

HeLian ZiJin’s lips curved up in a slight grin as he finally wrapped his arms around her body, preventing her from the danger of falling into the pool.

“Do you know what we’re doing?” He gazed deeply into her tear-filled eyes before reaching out a finger to wipe of an unshed tear from her mesmerizing helpless face, “Do you say no when you do it with Dong JingMo too. Do you reject him too?”

“No… Ah! Yes! Y…es… Ah… I do… do say no, I…I refuse him too… E…En…” Mu QianQian did not know his purpose of asking this question right now, as the only thing she could feel is the painful aching within her swollen walls.

Had he allowed her body to rest at all? And his… thing…, why is it still as hard as a rock? Does he feel no exhaustion?

How many times had he actually used her???

Most importantly, why is he like this? The HeLian ZiJin she knew was not like this, he… his eyes…

Mu QianQian struggled to keep her eyes glued to his, which is when she realized an unusual fire-red glow within his eyes, “Y…your eyes… Ah! Ah! N…No… Ah! Okay, I won’t ask… Ah… I w…won’t… En…”

“How are my eyes, hm?” He asked casually as he took one of her bruised bunnies with his palm before squeezing it into different shapes, “What’s wrong with my eyes? What did you see? Hm?”

She shook her head furiously as she bit down on her lips, unwilling to answer his obvious trick question.

But his grip was too tight, and her swollen bean hurts so much… “Ah…!”

Translator’s Note:
Been too busy with work these few days to translate ;w; It’s the year-end and all these inventory counting shits are popping out faster than I could blink my eyes ;w;

But I’ll try my best to release anything I can get completed!


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