I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 86

Chapter 86

Noticing her docile silence, HeLian ZiJin released her twin bunnies from his grasps before leaning back against the side of the pool while staring at her lazily.

Mu QianQian tried to sit up instinctively, only to remember that they were currently doing it in the pool and even though he had leaned backward, they were still attached intimately and… deeply.

“En…” A soft moan escaped her lips as her movements caused the shaft buried within her to push against the walls of her cervix.

HeLian ZiJin’s gentle eyes flashed scarlet as he gazed at all, so beautiful that the surrounding flowers dimmed in comparison, furthermore, his damped lips glowed red like a rose, mesmerizing but deadly.

A man like this, with the looks and the authorities he held, was enough to make any woman go head over heels for him, her too, if they weren’t currently in such an embarrassing position.

His solid and burning hardness was still buried so deeply within her, constantly pushing her to heaven’s edge… How is it possible for her to enjoy his beauty?

“En…” She squirmed under his intense gaze as he stared intently at her naked body, making her feel as if all of her secrets had been exposed to him.

But the hardness within her pulsed furiously at her struggling, immediately leaving her without any strength left. Her hands were still tied up behind her back, forcing her to look as if she was offering her twin bunnies to him eagerly.

Mu QianQian felt like crying at the shame.

What had she done wrong? Why is he punishing her like this? Why is he treating her like this?

“How is it? Does being with me causes you such sadness and discomfort?” He growled deeply as he stared at her reddened eyes as she tried to escape from his grasps, her reluctance made him all the more excited to abuse her emotionally… And watching her forcefully endure all of the abuse while trying to keep her tears from falling…

He loved it so much.

“Serve.” He commanded coldly.


“It seems that you really do wish to taste how it feels to do it underwater.” He narrowed his eyes dangerously at her while threatening her with her greatest fear.

Her heart clenched in fear at his words as she shook her head side to side desperately.

No! I don’t want that! She doesn’t want to experience slowly running out of air as she drowned slowly, while being used like a plaything…

“If you don’t want that, then serve.” His sweat trailed down his forehead slowly, he had no idea how many times he had came within this small woman, but why is it that even after so long, she’s still so goddamn tight!

Her walls were suckling tightly onto his shaft, giving him the terrible urge of ramming her to death!

“I…I don’t know how… A…Ah…” She bit down on her lips while shaking her head softly, her eyes, which were blurred with tears, stared at his ruthless face.

Was she dreaming? The ZiJin who had treated her somewhat well even though he disliked her as much as her other men… Why had he turned into such a scary man?

“Serve me, like you had served Dong JingMo.” He commanded coldly, ruthlessly tearing down what was remained of her dignity, “But it seems that I’m somewhat bored of your hole, if you’re still unwilling to serve, I wouldn’t mind turning my attention towards your little young chrysanthemum.”

(TNote: Chrysanthemum is usually used to refer to the butthole.)

L…little young c…chrysanthemum……

Mu QianQian felt somewhat faint from the shock and fear she had been experiencing until now.

Translator’s Note:
Is it really legit to do it in a pool? Won’t the pool water flood the woman’s insides??? 🤔

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  1. Wow, split personality or is this his real personality? I thought he was a pretty decent ML before 😂. Thanks for the chapter 👍!

  2. All these guys are real bastards so far! They all want to make her cry and abuse her in every way. I want her to be able to make them pay and get some revenge for her!

  3. I’m confused. Is she enjoying herself half the time? She always talks of pain.

    Yep, I wouldnt want to be in her place. Poor gal and jerk men.

    Thank you, though! I’m hoping for a very good ending for her!

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