I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 87

Chapter 87

“E…En… Ah……” The young woman moved weakly onto the man’s thighs while her untied hands were pressed against his chest. She looked down at his huge bulging hardness, before slowly aiming it at her own softness and sat down on it cautiously.

“E…En……” Her soft moans escaped her uncontrollably as his hardness dug deeper and deeper into her.

Finally, her trembling legs gave way beneath her and her body sank down fully onto him, causing her to let out a sharp scream as she felt him knocked roughly against the walls of her sensitive cervix.


Quickly recollecting herself from the sudden impact, she steadied her legs desperately as she began raising her buttocks up and away from him.

HeLian ZiJin could not keep his blood-shot eyes away from the view of their connected parts as he stared at her pitifully small hole expanding to an impossible size in a desperate attempt to swallow him whole.

This woman… She’s really bad at this… Does this mean that she had never served Dong JingMo when she was with him?

He recalled her many careless attempts from before at serving him, she had accidentally missed her mark at her first attempt, finally succeeding after not less than ten futile attempts…

If it wasn’t for her sweat-filled forehead and her flushed face, which was filled with shame and hopelessness, he would’ve assumed that she was punishing him in revenge.

God knows how many times he felt like going crazy at her clumsy attempts!

Mu QianQian lowered herself on him a second time slowly and cautiously, and his upright shaft, which was already filled with thick green veins, was buried deep within her warmth once more.

He shut his eyes tightly together, groaning deeply as her warm walls hugged him thoroughly, the groan sounded as if it came from deep within his throat, soft but alluring.

Too slow, still too slow! He will go crazy at this rate!

“Faster.” He growled deeply into her ear urgently, “Harder, and faster!”

Mu QianQian jumped in shock at the sudden deep voice near her ear, losing focus at her current shameful task and the strength to maintain her legs in place, causing her body to fall right onto his impatient beast fully once more.

Both man and woman’s face twisted up in an uncontrollable pleasure as soft gasps escaped their lips simultaneously.

“Faster!” He rasped hoarsely as he wrapped his palms around her slender waist while a burning lust flickered through his eyes.

He’s almost losing control of himself…

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