I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 88

Chapter 88

“E…En…” Mu QianQian gritted her teeth, she felt awfully aggrieved at his words.

It’s not that she doesn’t want to go faster, but it’s that she cannot. In the first place, she had no idea how to do so, but even if she did, she would probably not have TV e physical capabilities to do so.

In fact, she’s already so exhausted that she felt like fainting immediately.

“Are you like this too when you serve Dong JingMo?” HeLian ZiJin sighed softly at her pitiful teary eyes before placing his hands onto her waist, moving in her place instead.

“A…Ah Ah! En… Ah! S…slower… A…Ah…”

His movements felt entirely different from what she had felt when she was taking the initiative, plus the fact that he had begun ramming her so abruptly and roughly, it was enough to make her entire mind go blank in an instant.

“Answer me, are you more enthusiastic when you serve him!” He growled deeply into her ears, outright demanding an answer from her, as if he would not release her until he had received a satisfying answer.

He pushed her away from his lap and onto the side of the pool before pushing her legs wide apart, and with a loud PLOP, he buried his burning shaft deep within her, “Speak!”

“A…Ah… Ah! N…No… I…I did not serve… Ah… did not serve him… E…En…”

“Then why did you ask for him and him alone?” He gritted his teeth in anger as he voiced out the feelings and confusions deep within him, “I am your husband too, so why is it that he’s the only one you want?!”

He burned with rage at the memory of her mumbled words when she had lost conscious, he had intended to let her go, but what had she said instead? ‘I only want Dong JingMo, I don’t want anyone else.’

He was her husband, but still, he was categorized as ‘someone else’! No matter how magnanimous he was, her words had angered him to no ends.

How dare she? It had and will always be his choice to accept or refuse an approaching woman, so how dare she?

“Answer me!” He growled in rage at her silence, instantly ramming her with all his might like a madman.

“Ah! Ah!“ Mu QianQian was inches away from fainting once again, she knew that he was burning with rage, it’s not that she didn’t want to answer him, but her words would only turn into screams and moans every time she tried to answer.

“Ah… No! A…Ah… S…Softer… Ah ah… P…Please… Ah…”

Her words were to no effect as it had merely made him move even more ruthlessly, recklessly increasing the strength and speed of his ramming.

No? He would not allow her to say no, even if they were to stop, it would be his choice, and she is in no position to request for him to stop.

He gazed at her with his reddened blood-shot eyes as he continued ramming her swollen softness with his huge pulsing beast, going in and out endlessly, with no mercy.

Meanwhile, Mu QianQian, who had been crying out in fear while moaning in bliss at the same time, trembled uncontrollably as her moans and cries turned into a shrilled scream before she fainted from the intensive climax.

As for the man above her, he had, in fact, noticed that she had fainted, but he would not stop moving as his mind lingered on his unanswered question.

How is he inferior to Dong JingMo?!

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    1. It’s more like ego I assume, it’s something like he can choose to hate/dislike her but if she does it instead, he gets irritated and feel like she’s stepping on his ego 😵

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