I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 89

Chapter 89

It was madness. In the terrifying nightmare, a man who looked like HeLian ZiJin’s twin was using and dominating her like a crazed man. Her most secretive parts were used to the extend that they went from sore to numb, but still, waves of ecstasy had flowed through her body many times, building up the heat before crashing down upon her violently, causing her to scream like a shameless slut.

Mu QianQian opened her eyes tiredly, before raising up her sore and weak arms before running them through her body, Thank goodness I still have my clothes on! She thought in relief before noticing the curious chill between her legs.

It did not feel swollen nor painful at all, as if the unfamiliar chill had somehow managed to sooth her softness.

It must’ve been a nightmare, right? Otherwise why would her softness feel so comfortable instead of soreness and pain?

She raised her hand towards her forehead, wiping of the thin layer of sweat before staring her her stained fingers, instantly deciding that it must’ve been just a nightmare. The slight sweating was proof of it.

Thank goodness it was just a horrible dream, because if that had been real, she had no idea how she would even face HeLian ZiJin in the future… But that would never happen, because how could the red-eyed crazed man be him, who was the most gentle and graceful man she had ever seen?

That man in her nightmare was a demon, a terrifying demonic presence that she had most probably created due to the stress of her transmigration… But still, that man… was too scary.

She let out a deep breath, eyeing the familiar surroundings of her room before flipping open her blanket and crawling out of her bed slowly.

She winced as her feet touched the ground, her entire body felt sore, the kind of soreness you would usually get the next day after an entire day of intensive sports.

Ah right! She had been running around the field right before she fainted, so it made sense…

She leaned against the bed as she waited for her body to get used to the soreness before knocking her fists on her head, it felt extremely groggy, as if she wasn’t fully awake yet.

How long had she slept?

She looked out of the opened window, it was still bright outside… Perhaps she had merely napped for a little while?

To think that she would dream of such a terrible nightmare in a short nap, the entire dream was outrageous, but still, she flinched instinctively as she thought about the red-eyed man from her nightmares, just the mere thought of him sent shivers down her spine.

That version of him… was really, really scary.

She shook her head side to side, forcing the image out of her head before making her way to the door as it was still bright outside, but her limp legs gave way below her instantly as soon as she moved away from the bed.

Without bothering to scream, she covered her striking face instinctively, protecting it carefully, after all, it was all she possessed in this unfamiliar world…

She waited for the imminent impact with the ground, but the pain never came, instead, she was caught by the waist by a strong arm, which had easily held her steady.

Translator’s Note:
Is it true that most readers prefer reading Elder Brothers than this title? 🤭


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