I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 9

Chapter 9: It’s In And It Hurts.

Taking her right swollen bean in his teeth, he bit down hard on it, causing it to swell up even more while groping her other bosom with his large palm, squeezing it into different shapes.

He suckled her swollen bean furiously, as if wishing to force milk out of her. A small gasp escaped from her agape lips as a small wave of nectar burst out of her, soaking this hardness, which was clamped halfway in her walls, thoroughly.

Dong JingMo growled deeply as the wave of heat around his buried shaft, triggering the senses throughout his entire body while his hardness, which was already to wide for her pitifully tiny gap, expanded to an even thicker width.

Mu QianQian, who had been biting her lips in defiance to prevent crying out lewdly, could no longer control herself as she cried out in alluring moans, “Ah… N…no! S…stop… Ah! I…it hurts…”

Sharp pain filled through her as he dug deeper into her, and in her horror, he forced himself into her undiscovered parts, causing her to cry out in shock.

Dong JingMo, having released her swollen bean, was now gazing at her face while breathing deeply, “QianQian…” He growled hoarsely as he called out her name with a voice filled to the brim with unreleased desires.

I want her… I need her, NOW! His desires roared in his head.

Enduring the pain, Mu QianQian lowered her head slightly and gazed at their connected parts in horror.

His enormous hardness which were crawling with thick pulsing veins and coated with her leaked nectar, was already half buried in her overly-expanded softness.

For someone who had never even touched porn in her previous life, Mu QianQian’s eyes burned at the view and quickly turned her head to the side. She struggled hard against him as she could not imagine the pain that would struck her if he intends to dig fully into her.

“Such a naughty girl.” He sighed softly at her useless struggling before turning his gaze at their attached parts, grinning widely at the unending leaking nectar streaming down his hardness, “Now… I will truly enter…”

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10 thoughts on “I Transmigrated Into A Stunning Plaything! – Chp 9

  1. I’m just wondering how the FL who was the author of this novel before she transmigrated into it, wrote it if she never touched porn before? 😆

    1. I had actually assumed that the novel she wrote was the mainstream ones (where the MC attracts a lot of men and faceslaps all the green tea and white lotus women), as for FL, she was actually the villainess in the original story, which will usually have a bad ending quite early in the story 🤔🤔 so it must’ve been quite a shock for her when every ML turned out to be rapists and all

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